Choosing the Best CPA Review Course for Your Needs: What Type of Student Are You?

If you are preparing to take the CPA exam, it should be no secret that one of the best things you can do is take a review course. There’s a bunch of these courses available out there, many of them are outstanding. All you need to do is to select the one that is best for you.Best CPA Review Courses

Making this decision is best done by deciding what kind of student you are and determining the best cpa exam review courses 2023. This article will give you the guidelines for making that decision.

The Wait and Seer

It’s hard to get excited about taking the CPA exam. After all, preparation for it takes a lot of hard work. You can study as hard as you wish, but 18 months often go by in the blink of an eye. For these kinds of folks, a program that offers a guided study is the best. This type of review course will give you the information you require but in a manner that is easier to digest. This method will also keep you on schedule until it’s time to take the exam.

The Sharpie

It’s no secret that some CPA candidates think they know everything they need to know to pass the test. There’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, some review courses would only bore these folks. This type of student only needs to know the tips and tricks that will get them a passing grade. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less.  And there are courses that fill this need.

The Follower

The follower is great when it comes to following directions, and this is a great one to pass the exam. The follower’s need is a review course that will teach them what they need to know to pass the exam. Forget the tips and tricks. These courses follow the philosophy that if you know enough about accounting, you can pass the CPA exam, but you can also become a good accountant. And there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why there are courses just for people like this. Everything put out by the AICPA is bedtime reading for these folks.

The Student

Some people love accounting. They love everything about it. They thrive on both the theory and the practice. Even taking the CPA exam would be considered an E ride for these folks. If this describes you, take heart. There are review courses designed just for you. Some review courses operate on the idea that if you know enough about accounting, there should be no problem passing the CPA exam, and to a great extent, they are right. Leave it to these types of courses to make sure you are prepared.

The Analyst

The analyst is one step beyond the student. They thrive on the intricacies of accounting. Fortunately, there are review courses that cater to this type of folks. These folks know so much about accounting that they probably already know what they need to pass the CPS exam, but they just want to make sure. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like this, and there are courses out there to let you know that.

It should be obvious after reading this article that there are many different CPA review courses available. There are an equal number of different types of candidates. Which are you and what course fits you best? That’s for you to determine.