How to Choose a Data Recovery Lab

Data is critical to the success of your business, and you need to make the right decision while selecting a company that will assist you to recover it. You need to get a team of professionals that will fully focus on the task. Data recovery requires a lot of keenness, and the team should not be doing other things in the background while recovering your data. Here are some of the features you need to look for in a data recovery lab before engaging them.

Data Recovery Lab


The data recovery company should be able to recover lost data from your laptop, servers, DVDs/CDs among other storage media. Some professionals can only recover data from a failed disk. Look at the diversity of the team and make sure that they have all it takes to retrieve the type of lost data from your systems. The kind of skills that your team has will determine whether they will meet your data recovery or not.


The kind of technology that the company uses will assist you to determine the level of expertise. It’s wise to choose a company that employs skilled technicians and leading technology. Using the best technology on the market will assist the professional to retrieve your data with a lot of ease. You don’t want to get a company that will take several hours to do a simple task because of employing inferior technology. The best company should invest in the best software in the market. There are some instances where data recovery software free may not be very efficient. Ask the kind of technology the company employs and make sure you are comfortable with it.

Lab Facilities

Apart from employing highly skilled staff and leading technology, the data recovery lab should invest a lot in research. The truth of the matter is that some data is unrecoverable, but the company should do its best before providing such a decision. The company should invest a lot in research and development for it to maintain high-performance levels. Don’t go for a lab that has facilities that don’t meet modern standards. Such labs may do more harm than good by making you to lose your data further.

The lab should be clean to avoid contaminating the interior components of your disk. Look at the measures the company has put in place to protect your hardware and data from further damage. Contaminating the hardware can make the data permanently unrecoverable.

RAID Engineers

Most institutions will require RAID data recoveries at some point. Ask the file recovery software company whether they have RAID engineers to meet such needs. It’s advisable to have a single service provider who will meet all your data recovery needs. The technicians should be able to work with a broad range of disk drives such as RAID systems/X-serve, servers and NAS just to name a few. Any skilled recovery engineer will be able to diagnose any fault in your software, hardware or file system with a lot of knowledge. You don’t want to use a team of professionals that will use guess work in their attempt to recover your data.