Children’s Home Safety Tips For Working Parents

We find that in today’s world, due the high cost of living, sometimes both partners have to work. When the child is young, the mother takes leave or quits a job for a year or two. But not every mother can do this for a long number of years. Even if you think your child is big enough to not fall from the bed or burn him/her self, there are unexpected dangers life throws at any time. And just because you child is at home, does not mean they are safe from all kinds of danger. Children are usually very spontaneous, courageous and daring, while not be worldly-wise, which makes them susceptible to mishaps and danger. This post is not to scare you, but to make you aware of the safety measures you can take for your child. So if you live in a villa in Goa or a 1bhk flat in Mumbai, read along to ensure your child’s safety.

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If the child is young and alone, at stays at home while you are work, its best to add a double door. Instruct the child to always check through the peep- hole, and he/she does not recognize the person, then not to open the door at all. If the child is too young, then better to not open the door at all. Very often abductors are well known to children.


If you have a landline, or if the child has his/her own mobile phone, instruct them to never tell anyone that they are alone at home.

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Sharp objects

Ensure that sharp objects and knives are not within the reach of the child, especially if the child is small. Lock these things in a drawer and keep the keys with you. Keep a kit with bandages, painkillers and other medicines of first aid, and teach your child when to use what. If your child is small, train him/her that kitchen is a no-play zone. Do not allow or encourage any play in the kitchen area.


Electricity can be very dangerous. Teach your kids rules of electricity and what causes to lead to an electric shock. Teach them not to operate any electronic devices and electrical switch boards with wet hands. Always make sure there is no open wiring in your house. If there is, fix it soon.

Gas/ Cylinder

If your child is small, make sure he is she is always kept away from gas stoves and cylinders. If your child is an age where he/she can understand, then teach them the safety rules. Teach them to recognize the smell of a leakage and warn them not to immediately switch on the gas else it could lead to fire. Teach them the importance of air circulation and ventilation.


In today world even a child who has just learned to read and write uses the internet. Ensure your child’s safety online, so that they don’t end up being a victim of cyber crime.

Baby Sitter

If you want to hire a baby sitter make sure to do a thorough background check as this is a matter of not just your house but also your children. After you have employed one, ask your children if they are comfortable with them.


In case of emergency, make sure they have the numbers of the police station, fire station, doctors, ambulance and so on. Ask them to call you in case of any emergency. Also in India neighbors can be very helpful. Maintain healthy relations with all your neighbors and ask them to help out your kids in case of emergencies. If you trust your neighbor, keep a spare key with them as well.