Bulk SMS And Its Multi-Facet Uses

Bulk SMSing, even though a trend riding the rising tides, is mostly a concept unheard of. Bulk messaging is a technique mostly adopted by business entities for various purposes such as media, promotion, marketing and advertising. The Bulk messaging sends messages to a large group of mobile phone terminals in a single go. Most of the businesses use 5 digit text number to send and receive text messages at scale. These messages can be made in a standard template, or can be personalized to give a custom touch. Some of the major benefits of using Bulk SMS can be highlighted as follows:

  1. Bulk SMS are time saving.One can easily send and as well respond to multiple messages in a single go. They are quick to send and respond.
  2. Bulk SMS, unlike e-mail marketing, do not face the problem of getting filtered out as spam.You can send the messages with the assurance that it will reach the inbox of your customer.
  3. Bulk Messaging is a cost effectivemarketing approach. At BhashSMS Bulk messaging can also be customised to suit your custom budget plan and work requirements.
  4. Bulk SMS are short and crisp,which appeal to the customers greater that other marketing approaches, as it saves your times as well as theirs.
  5. Bulk Messaging can cater to a wider reach of the potential or targeted customer base.
  6. Nonetheless, Bulk SMS helps you adopt the ‘Go Green’ strategy, saving you paper that gets used in promotions, advertising and send out information to customers.bulk sms

Bulk SMS comes very handy in designing cost effective and economical marketing and promotional strategies, which are both effective and impactful. Messaging is the most reliable method of sending across your message to the customer, as it gives a sure shot delivery without any considerable delays. Also, they provide a better coverage across the target base. In this age, where the average cell phone density in India is 2.3, cell phones prove to be the most effective way of marketing and promotional strategies for companies seeking quick solutions.

However, there are a certain DOs and DONTs to be kept in mind when using Bulk SMSes as a marketing tool.

  1. DO NOTflood your customers with tons of messages sent every day, as this can back fire with customers unsubscribing from your channel. Make sure that there is a minimum interval between sending consecutive messages.
  2. DO make the messages short and crisp. No one likes to read detailed and lengthy data. The messages must be drafted so as to be short and spot on the message you wish to convey.
  3. DO make the content engaging. Messages on a light note seem to have their way of appealing to customers.
  4. DO mention some contact detail in the message, where the interested customers can contact you.
  5. DO NOT send out messages at inappropriate times such as late night.

Bulk SMS services provided at BhashSMS provide you the golden opportunity to learn, experiment and implement strategies with the help of SMS API. Send messages quickly to multiple users with BhashSMS. There are a number of plans available in the catalogue that allows you to customize your plan as per your requirement.