Bonk Be Live World’s Best Live Streaming App Worth Billions with AR And 3D Gifts

In social media currently, live streaming is at the forefront as it offers a way for brands and individuals to directly engage with their followers.  Bonk Be Live by BOINK Live Streaming Ltd is a new, popular app based on the latest popularity of live streaming. People can do wonders and show their creativity online, and million others get to watch them at it in real time. Talk to and share the life of your favorite celebrities, bloggers and brands here. The best part is that with Bonk Be Live, you can even earn money as you stream. Here’s everything you need to know about this innovational streaming app:Bonk Be Live

Exploring Bonk Be Live

Bonk Be Live is a mobile phone application available to both Play Store and Apple users. Follow a few simple steps to get started with live streaming and watching:

  • Download and install the Bonk Be Live app on your Android or iOS device from your official app store.
  • Sign up for a free account by either using your E-mail account or connecting it your social media profile like Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook. If you choose E-mail, you will receive a confirmation mail to the ID you provided and you are required to verify it first before proceeding to use the app.Bonk Live Streaming
  • First time users will be greeted with an introduction on how to use the app. Click Next throughout the tutorial to see what the app is all about.Bonk App
  • The first thing to do when you enter the app is to set up your profile, because appearances decide how much attention you get. Do this by clicking on the profile icon on the lower right.Bonk app features
  • The colorful dashboard of the app has four options on the top – ‘Follow’, ‘Live’, ‘New’ and ‘Nearby’. Here’s what each one means:
  • Follow – Suggestions for people that can follow
  • Live – Current streams that are trending
  • New – List of newest app users and broadcasters
  • Nearby – Broadcasters who streaming near you
  • Simply click on the broadcaster’s profile you wish to view and you will be connected. Here you can send them messages publicly or privately, and even send them gifts and Boink hearts.Bonk App design
  • If you wish to go live yourself, it’s super simple! Click on the green option on the bottom centre of your screen. It will then ask you to fill out a few quick details, like a title, your region and category of your stream. Once you have this filled out, simply click ‘Go Live’ and you will be out for all to see in just three seconds.Bonk design
  • When you are live, people can send you messages and gifts. Your total broadcast collection and history can be seen when you close your broadcast.
  • You can also send and receive private messages from other users, and all of these will be stored in your inbox.Bonk Messages
  • The notifications tab shows you latest developments about your followers or your favorite broadcasters.

Features of Bonk Be Live

  1. Stream from wherever and whenever you want with one click.
  2. Chat in the message box or talk out loud while streaming.
  3. Send gifts, hearts, messages and diamonds to your favorite broadcasters.
  4. Easily connect with Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.
  5. Use filters, stickers or other make up effects when live streaming to make it more exciting.
  6. Search by hashtag to find what you’re looking for and meet people with same interests.
  7. Get paid for going live.
  8. Upgrade your free membership and become a VIP member for only $19.99 a month and avail extra benefits like a VIP badge, BonkLive coins and more.


  • Great platform for interaction between celebrities, stars and other famous people with their followers.
  • Interactive, easy and colorful interface.
  • Helps you earn money by playing ads.
  • Send virtual gifts to your favorite people.
  • Helps you expand your social circle.


There are no negative points for this app yet. Unless, of course, you count that there is no Windows version of this app for desktop users.


Bonk Be Live is easily one of the better live streaming applications on Android and iOS. Download this exciting app today and gain followers for yourself! Don’t miss out.