Best VPN for Entertainment

Most people believe that the role of VPNs is only limited to securing your systems, from external bodies. The most common perception attached to VPN is the fact that if you want to hide your internet activity and maintain your online privacy, then you must opt for a VPN. Nowadays, people also use VPN for entertainment purposes.Best VPNs for entertainment

Although we do not negate the above analysis, yet the recent reports on VPN usage have highlighted the primary reason for people choosing the VPN service is to bypass geo-restrictions – thus allowing unrestricted access to entertainment from anywhere in the world.

The growing popularity of ‘Over The Top’ media is a clear indication of how much entertainment people consume. The Netflix subscription worldwide in 2019 touched 16.1 million, and with each day, these numbers are increasing. Just like Netflix, there are many other OTT platforms which offer world-class entertainment to the audiences at a click of a button. Nevertheless, if you are travelling from one country to another or want to watch content relevant to another country, with a VPN service, you can surpass all restrictions and enjoy your shows anywhere.

In different countries, the motivation to use VPN is different; for example, in the Middle East, people use VPN to watch media that is officially unavailable in their country. In North America, people use VPN to maintain anonymity while browsing different entertainment media.

Keeping the above usage data in mind, we can broadly categorise the top 2 reasons for acceptance of VPN, among individuals:

  1. Gain access to the extensive content library, without any exception. This means that accessing content unavailable in one’s own country. For example, the use of Facebook in China.
  2. Browsing and downloading content without being caught or seen by authorities is another top reason for deploying VPN service.

How to choose a VPN For Entertainment Purpose

There are various uses of the internet, so based on your need, you can select the VPN provider.

  • Social Media Access

In many countries, social media is highly restricted; for instance, Facebook is restricted in China, you can neither browse the site nor chat with your friends abroad. So, in this case, you can use the ExpressVPN service that is known to provide instant access to all social networking sites and can allow you to use the messenger apps on your mobile. Additionally, ExpressVPN will also ensure that your online activities are well-protected, and your online privacy is maintained.

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  • Entertainment

This is, by far, the most popular reason for choosing a VPN service. VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to access content that is restricted in your country. VPN shields your IP address and your location from being tracked and thus you with a secure platform to enjoy your favourite content. However, you need to know which VPN supports which media. For instance, if you want to access Crunchyroll, which is a US-based streaming service, then you need to find out the VPN alternatives for Crunchyroll. Knowing the right VPN service provider will help you watch what you want. The same applies to other entertainment platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

  • Online Game

The online gaming industry is growing by the day. However, there are many games which are restricted in some countries. In this case, finding the right VPN is very critical, since a wrong choice can expose your IP address to the authorities.

The Final Word:

VPN is a boon to those who love exploring content from across different parts of the world; for travellers, it is a must-have element. However, selecting the right VPN provider to access your favourite entertainment platform can only make your life simple, secure and off course a lot of enjoyable and entertaining.