Best Photo Editing Apps in Android

Best Photo Editing AppsBeing not a professional photographer, I can still be doing equally ‘nice’ as professionals do. How? Yeah, with numerous apps entering the fray, having eye catching performance, you and I can easily give a ‘wow’ impression to images. If you have captured best and rarest, this thought might not be new for you “Best pictures are captured at the unexpected times!”

Without wasting much of time, am going to review best editing apps for Android. You may not have had tried them, have a look and comment below if am missing a best app than these.

Pixlr Express

You might have heard of AutoCAD by Autodesk Inc., a basic requirement for most of the designing processes. Doesn’t it interests you to try if they have made a free app for you? Trust me, it’s worth your curiosity, passion, time, and just takes 6MB of your space! Pixlr Express is rated 4.8/5 in Play and performs is satisfying. It will do everything that you want a photo editor do, resize, crop, rotate, color balancing, etc. What really impresses me is the clutter free user interface, clean and attractive.

Best Photo Editing AppsApp is quick and responsive, doesn’t take much time to load as well. Apart, you don’t have to always try out with new snaps, can try with all images in your gallery. You can take snaps with one click in the app and style it with lots of border designs, photo effects, color contrast, etc. Add to it, social integration! This will let you to share those images on Twitter, Facebook and many. I highly recommend you to try out this app and you will not be disappointed.


Well, if you still would like to have more choices, QuickPic is worth trying. QuickPic is undoubtedly fast and does justice to the name, especially switching between images and windows. There were few bugs earlier which have been fixed and it must be seamless now. In case you having any errors, developer is very quick to respond if you hit him an email. One thing that impressed me is, you can lock in your certain images with password and browse numerous snaps instantly, loads faster like personal assistant apps. It also seamlessly plays animated GIFs and videos too.

Best Photo Editing AppsFile management features are cool and eases your unorganized gallery, well optimized for high definition viewing experience. And chill, no ads!


This one is big, I mean, user wise. It has received ratings of 4.7/5 which compels you to give a try. One thing that developer promises you is, they are never going to sell your images. This makes sense as users of the top social networking sites have conditionally been the victims when their private data was under auction! Coming to futures, it has everything and all tools are in place, use them alter your snaps, but what’s special? Drawing.

Best Photo Editing AppsThere are many shades to draw and can share them online or send it over text and email, considering the photo effects and features, this free app is no less than any paid app out there. So why wait?