Best Apps for Food Orders Online in India

Ordering food online is a convenience everyone has used at least once. But what if we tell you that you can just use your mobile for ordering food online and get great discounts too? You will be pleased, right? So here’s a list of apps for food orders online in India that offer great discounts almost every day. Check these out whenever you feel the need to order food online as all these apps are equally awesome.Apps for Food Orders Online

  1. Foodpanda: It is a global online food-ordering marketplace that has presence in 28 countries as of now. They have the widest reach in India because they serve over 100 Indian cities. Even the users have ranked this app as India’s most convenient online food delivery platform. This app also allows you to customize your order and add sauces and toppings like you would do in the restaurant. They also do careful selection of premium restaurants so the quality would be the best.
  1. Dominos: All the pizza lovers who love dominos can use its app now. The delivery time would be less than 30 minutes and you won’t have to wait for any phone executive to place your order. This app has just been revamped and thus the users think has become easier to use with great User Interface. So, you can enjoy exclusive dominos meals with a few taps today even if you are a newbie to using food delivery apps.
  1. Groupon-Every discount seeker must have heard of this app. The best thing about using it for food deliveries is that every deal they offer can be used immediately. It will surely help you satisfy your hunger quickly (rather than waiting for an offer that will be valid from next weekend). You can also track your purchased vouchers by their location and expiration date so you never lose them. You can also get restaurant and food updates and alarms from Groupon. For hungry people who want a discount, the app offers up to 70% discount which is commendable.
  1. Tinyowl- This app is among the fastest food delivery apps. It currently serves cities like Pune, Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. It allows you to pay cash on delivery on almost all food orders. So you get to taste the food before you pay for it. You can also get special treatment by being updated of exclusive deals that are true value for money. Most customers reviewed that Tinyowl delivers faster than expected so your food never gets cold.
  1. Swiggy– This app claims to be one of the fastest delivery services in the country. This app is most popular because it has no minimum order limits. You can even order a single food item and get it delivered within minutes. The company is currently catering to major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune. Customers reviewed that this app almost always delivers on time and if they can’t, you will get a notification.