Avoid Boredom And Start Having Fun – Brain Teasers To Keep You Busy

Welcome back to Earningdiary. While most of us are still homebound and looking for ways to keep ourselves busy, logic puzzles offer us a welcoming break and diversion from the everyday upsetting news. Games are a fun, relaxing, and a wholesome way to break the monotony and keep you busy and entertained. So let us take a look at this list of the best brain teasers:

  1. Full Moon Jigsaw Puzzle

This one is a great 1000-piece gradient jigsaw puzzle that will blow your mind. It will also help you cultivate patience and unwavering strength to relieve those stressful emotions and enjoy the challenge. Not only is it a creative brain teaser, but also a fun family puzzle and a remarkable gift for puzzle fanatics. Brain Teasers

  1. KINGOU Wooden Puzzle

Similar to the classic 3D Darwin’s Dinosaur Egg puzzle, the KINGOU magic ball is an excellent one for people of all ages. Not only is it hard to pull apart but also challenging to put back together. Assembling the ball will require careful analyses, and it will undoubtedly put your problem-solving skills to the test. Although you get the video and paper instructions to get through, we suggest you first try without looking at the solution. This will make the puzzle more entertaining.Brain Teasers 1

  1. Nonogram

If you want to try something right from the comforts of your space, download this picross mobile application on your phone. Known as Nonogram but also called:  griddlers, or picture cross. Nonogram by Easybrain is a fantastic picture logic puzzle that will leave you stunned. It is a grid-based puzzle where you need to paint the right squares and mark off the rest according to the numerical clues provided outside the grid. Once you paint the required number of cells, it unleashes a binary or color-coded pixel image or mosaic. Try the teaser once, and you will be addicted to its gameplay. Brain Teasers 2

  1. Find The Penguin

The illustration may be dizzying, but just look at it thoroughly and step by step. It is somewhat a forest of toucans where your aim is to find the penguin. Nope, it is not a black and white but a unique penguin you are looking for. Can you spot it? Hint: Check out for the penguin somewhere on the edges.Brain Teasers 3

  1. Find The USB

While working from your makeshift office space, you do create a mess sometimes. Why not de-clutter the desk and find the hidden stuff, like a USB stick? Hint: Check it around those paperclips!Brain Teasers 4

So there you have it – five best boredom killers to keep you occupied all day long!

Our top pick is the Picross picture logic puzzle – let us know if you try any brain teasers from this list.