Are You A Shopaholic? Here Are Some of The Telltale Signs

A shopaholic is someone who can’t seem to hold back when they want to buy something.  The urge to purchase is so great that it becomes more important than anything else.  Spending addiction is a real thing and affects people everywhere.

Spending mindlessly doesn’t just affect your ability to save for the future.  It can affect your credit score, ability to take out a loan, and may even ruin relationships.

If you suspect that you may have a spending problem, then take a look at some of the signs which may indicate you’re right.Are you shopaholic

Hiding Your Purchases

Similar to any addiction, hiding your behavior is a common occurrence.  Deep down you aren’t proud of your behavior, so you hide it from your friends and family.  In some cases, you may owe someone money, and want to hide that you’re spending elsewhere.

Being dishonest about your spending addiction is an indication of a serious problem which needs to be addressed.

Shopping Gives You a “High”

Similar to taking drugs, shopping provides a high for shopaholics.  They crave the rush of buying something which they think will make them happier.

Regardless of whether you shop online or in a store, if you find yourself feeling better after shopping followed by feelings of guilt, then you should consider talking to a professional.

Bad Credit

If you’ve maxed out all of your credit cards, and continue to make purchases despite being under a mountain of debt, then you have an issue with spending.

Continuing to spend when you don’t have the money to do it is a sign of denial.  Your bad credit won’t magically disappear on its own.  You have to start changing your habits and recognizing that you may have an addiction if you hope to make changes for the better.

Buying Items More Than Once

Some people are so far down the rabbit hole of shopping addiction that they buy things, only to find that they already have one at home.  When you can’t even remember what you’ve purchased recently to the point where you buy it twice, you should see it as an indication that you’re officially a shopaholic.

 Frequently Stressed About Bills

If you have a closet full of new clothes which you haven’t even worn yet, but you can’t figure out how you’re going to pay your rent, you’ve lost control.

Spending issues can lead to losing everything including your home and job.  Start looking into professional counseling and take steps to better your financial situation.

A professional can help you get out of debt, and provide tools for curbing your urges to spend money that you don’t have.