Ademero Document Management Software Review

This post brought to you by Ademero. All opinions are 100% mine.Document management(Document creation, storage, deletion, distribution) is one of the most critical part of any business organization whether it is a large one or small one. Document management is tough and it requires lots of time, energy and a person with special set of skills can only manage it. The document management software from Ademero is one of the simple way to organize both physical as well as digital documents.

Content Central is a fantastic application developed by Ademero which enables authorized user(s) to access all Ademero document management softwares plus services and make document management fast, safe and reliable. To get started, just install the software at Microsoft Windows Server in your organization and then create different user accounts with different permission. Now users can perform all documents related tasks, according to the authorities assigned to them. The software supports almost all popular browsers including  Chrome, Firefox Safari and Internet Explorer.


Now with Content Central Document Management Software, it is much easier to backup all the information in the office database and storage area. The system names files and folders automatically as and when information is captured using this software, it saves each item in its native file format. It even stores information about how many times a single document has been edited and how many people have viewed a particular document.

The Content Central document management software dramatically decreases the use of file covers, clips, printer ink and paper since the system allows many people to view a digital copy of a single document collectively. So, by installing this great software any organization can save a large amount of money.

Some of the Major services provided by Ademero

Approval Processing

This feature lets you define an unlimited number of approval processes of a document’s life cycle by automatically moving them along workflow paths that you define.

Paper Capture

Most of the organizations use the paper form for documentations. The paper capture component allows users to capture paper content using scanners.

Electronic Capture

It accepts files of any types come into possession by various means, including user uploads, network monitoring and e-mail accounts etc.


Another great feature of content central. All scanned and other documents are indexed for faster searching. Depending upon the type of documents, index information is provided to users, before or after the capture process.


We all know security is the utmost requirement, when it comes to managing company resources. Content central allows administrators to assign various permissions to different users.


Content Central supports different softwares, from accounting to Microsoft Office.

Search and Retrieval

It comes with a strong and powerful search engine which helps to find any document using index fields like Vendor name, Invoice number etc.

Support & Assistance

The unique 24×7 facility makes Ademero, one of the outstanding services in its category. Its 24-hour call center situated in Central Florida. So, if you need any support, just contact their high skilled technicians through phone, live chat, or e-mail.

For more information on Ademero Content Central Document Management Software, you can visit the Ademero website.