A Toyota for the Wilderness

Back in the days, the Toyota Tundra was one of the earliest Pickup Truck by any Japanese brand to launch in the States. The truck was made to compete with those of the Chevy, Dodge and other local models. And is sold in the US as the bigger brother to the Tacoma. The 2018 Toyota Tundra is being sold at 31 grand and change for the double cab base variant.Toyota for the Wilderness

Tundra is an upgrade over the Tacoma with big V8 engines that churn out mammoth 381 horsepower to pull the truck. In result, the truck becomes powerful but heavy and might lose to its younger sibling in a drag race. Both the trucks focus on a different set of markets. While the Tundra is more of a practical truck, Tacoma is more of an ardent focused truck.

Starting from the look, the Tundra does manage to look like a mammoth truck, although not as huge as the GMC’s but still something that will go right along with those lumberjack-biceps. Big grille up front and the fake air intake doesn’t go well along. Tundra has got the dimensions bigger than the Tacoma.

The truck is also long with a wheelbase of 145.7 inches to hold the two row of seats and the flatbed at the back. To put the gigantic size of the truck into the perspective, Tundra is 76.4 inches in height, 79.9 inches in width and 228.9 inches in length. There are no side rails though, so you will have to climb the old way, by gripping the steering wheel. Although the side rails on the truck this giant would be appreciated.

When you step inside, you will find the spacious cabin. There is good space in both the rows but the legroom is a bit less, when compared to other pickup trucks. The storage is definitely not an issue here. And with a maximum towing capacity of almost 10,000 pounds, you can tag a trailer in the back with all the extra stuff you need.

And the Tundra will pull it for you. Inside the car, do not expect much of the leather, for the price you’re paying. But you do get the leather heated seats in some higher end of the trims. Rest, the cheaper ones, get away just with the usual fabric seats. You do get a leather steering wheel in the Tundra, which is a nice touch.

For the windows sticker price that you pay, the car comes with loads of features. The truck looks masculine with a nice plush interior. And the big V8 engine block is what you get under the hood. With Tundra, you get a 6-speed automatic transmission coupled with a four-wheel drive system. Don’t be afraid to take this monster on an off-road trek, as it can handle it all with the power it packs under the bonnet. The driving experience in this truck is majestic. Rest of the cars on the road feels small when you’re in Tundra.

By now I have been bragging about how big this truck is and how powerful that V8 engine is, which powers the Tundra. And it all looks promising, except for one thing, the gas mileage. 2018 Toyota Tundra mpg gives you a combined gas mileage of 15 miles per gallon. Honestly, considering how much fuel hungry that big engine is, 15 mpg is a pretty good number. Yes, it is less than that Tacoma gives you, but that little guy is powered by a four-cylinder engine. On the busy city roads, the gas mileage drops further down to 13 miles per gallon. Considering the times you’ll have to keep your engine running while you wait on the red light or go grab a cup of coffee on your way to work. It’s only fair. But when you plan a cross country trip, a stretched gas economy of 17 miles per gallon might cheer you up. And with a big fuel tank of 38.0 gallons, you’re good to go for a 600 miles trip on a full tank of gas. That figure is equivalent to what Tesla’s new Roadster gets you in a full charge.

2018 Toyota Tundra is undoubtedly a powerful truck, coming from a Japanese manufacturer. The truck looks majestic and fits right in with other pickup trucks available in the nation. Though the second row in the cabin might feel uncomfortable for giant lumberjacks but has got plenty of space. The car is full of the storage compartments so you can pack your stuff in while the flatbed in the back holds the wood logs for you. With the big V8, gas mileage is somewhat less but the fuel tank capacity makes up for it. With a few yay and a few Nah, this truck gets approval from us. But would you consider buying it? Let us know.