A Checklist for Your Marketing Materials

Whether you’re a start-up company or an established brand in your community there are marketing materials that you must have in order to do business in a professional manner. Each and every decision that you make about your materials is important which makes working with a team of professionals more important than you might think. Your marketing materials are the first glimpse of your company that potential clients will see, so every detail of design, content and appearance is important in the overall presentation that your literature makes. Let’s review a checklist of items that will enhance your business marketing and convince your clients that you are serious about your company.Checklist for Your Marketing Materials


One of the first marketing strategies that you’ll want to use is a logo that represents your company. This is a symbol that you will use on all of your materials that bring your company to mind when your clients or potential clients see it. A logo can be worth a thousand words as your brand becomes more established in the corporate community, so you must be sure to select it carefully. Think carefully about your logo so that it will become the face of your organisation as you move forward.

Business Cards

Business cards may be small but they are one of the most powerful tools that you can use to market your company. Use your logo, contact information, and perhaps a brief statement of your company’s mission statement or business goal to define who you are and what services you provide. Remember to keep it simple, use white space effectively, and take them with you wherever you go to spread the word about your company.


Another effective tool that you can use to further your business goals and objectives is brochures. Using a team of experts like those at www.eazy-print.com can relieve you of designing a brochure with the limited talents that you may have in your organisation. Again, having a professionally designed brochure can deliver a clear, concise, and credible message to your targeted audience in an attractive package. Whether you use them at trade shows and conventions or simply to give to people visiting your brick and mortar store, they can be reviewed at leisure by your audience who is already searching for the products that you have.

Letterheads and Invoices

When you communicate with your vendors, clients, or stakeholders in any way, it will be beneficial to use stationery that carries your logo along with contact information for your company. This makes your marketing tools all seamless and sends the message that you have given special thought to every aspect of your company’s business operations. Ask your team to make all of the marketing materials that you order to have the same professional look that delivers the message that you want your audience to know and understand.

With this checklist for marketing materials, your company will be prepared to reach new clients, communicate effectively with vendors, and to touch those potential clients searching for the goods and services that you have to offer.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/FreeDigitalPhotos.net