A Basic Guide to Understand Ping Tree

Ping tree is a comparatively new technique which helps you make the pay per call even better and beneficial. The best thing with the Ping tree is, it is not only beneficial for lead sellers but also the buyers.Ping Tree

Before going ahead, let’s what is ping tree?

What is a ping tree?

Ping tree is a platform which works with the lead generation vertical where the communication and real-time bidding is getting done through a ping tree platform.

Here the lead seller can’t only ask the bid for their leads to multiple potential buyers but also can communicate with them. And the same applies to the lead buyers also.

Here using the ping tree for the calls, the lead buyers can connect to the sellers and can get the things cleared. Using the ping tree platform, partial lead information will be sent to all the potential buyers and then whoever will be the winner will get the complete lead details.

One thing you should note here is, the lead should be quality lead. And when we say quality lead, it should possess the following qualities-

  • All leads should be unique and you must remove duplicate leads
  • It should have been pre-screened so that only quality leads are being passed
  • Using the platform can help manual intervention and errors

Real-Time Bidding

With a ping tree, real-time bidding can be done. For example, the changes happen in real-time and the bidding can be done for multiple buyers. But that doesn’t mean, a seller can check with multiple potential bidders only. They can also sell directly with a single buyer if the seller thinks he/she will be quite interesting and there is more chance for the conversion.

Which all niches ping tree can work?

Like pay per call network, ping tree also works with almost all the major niches. Especially it works with the niche where the ticket size is more and margin is good to compensate the cost occurred in the leads and conversion.

How to set up?

To get started with a ping tree distribution system, you need a lead generation system with ping tree facilities. Again, depending on the lead generation system you’re using, this may change a bit but overall it will be similar as explained below-

#1 First you need to think of how you will be generating the lead and using the ping tree software for the best use. Here we consider whether the leads are generating from some vendor or directly from the software.

#2 If you’re generating the leads your own, you need to set up the distribution process. Once you’ve generated the leads, you can start pinging the buyers immediately. Whereas if you’re buying the leads from some vendor, then you need to set up some distribution medium and instruction to communicate to the buyers.

#3 The final step is to create the business rule which will help you automate the entire business process. This applies to both the case- either you generate your own lead or buy from the vendor.


This was a basic guide to the ping tree distribution system. I hope you got some idea about what is ping tree and how it works.