8 Tips To Keep Safe And Healthy At Work

You spend many hours of your day, and indeed your life, at work so it’s in your best interests to know how to stay as safe and healthy as possible while you’re there. Safety is the foundation for a successful work environment, and so should be at the forefront of your mind in every task you undertake at work. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, staying safe is your primary concern. After all, there’s nothing as important as your own and family’s health and welfare. So, avoid getting hurt at work and know your rights when it comes to being injured in the workplace, and premises and product liability.Tips To Keep Safe And Healthy At Work

Don’t Lift Heavy Items

Just don’t do it if you feel you’re not able to. There is no point in trying to lift a heavy item if you know that you’re going to struggle with the weight of it. Either ask for help with moving the load or use a mechanical aid if there is one. You shouldn’t feel pressured into putting yourself at risk of an injury, so when in doubt, just don’t lift it. If you are required to lift items from one place to another, then always remember to bend from your knees rather than from your back. Chester Law Group can provide you with more information if you wish to find out about your rights after suffering an injury in the workplace.

Reduce Workplace Stress

Reduce workplace stress by simply avoiding stressful situations wherever you can. So, if you know that busy areas cause you anxiety, then think about putting your lunch off until the crowds have died down later in the afternoon. Reduce workplace stress by making sure your company uses the newest and fastest technology and streamlined business processes. Slow and underperforming processes can culminate in workplace stress as tasks take longer and require repetition. Reduce workplace stress by having a stress ball to hand or something to calm you down like a familiar toy, or photo of your family kept on top of your desk.

Talk About Concerns

Always make sure you know where you stand in terms of dangers or risks around the premises. Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish, and ask for proof that devices are tested and are safe. You cannot be too careful where your health and safety is concerned, so if you have a worry or a query you want answering, then don’t shy away from getting an answer. Talk over concerns with your employer and your boss, and know exactly what to do in case of an accident or at work. Make sure you know who is trained in first aid and accident and emergency.

Avoid Back Injuries

As aforementioned, you shouldn’t feel pressured into lifting an item that you deem to be too heavy for you to manage. If your job requires you to sit down at a desk for the majority of the day, then you must spare a thought to your back and your posture. Sitting down for long periods of time can take its toll of your back and the health of your spine, so suggest that you’re able to sit at an orthopedic chair specially designed to support good posture and the vertebra. If you’re already suffering from pain or discomfort, then see your local chiropractor for treatment and ask what chairs they can recommend you have installed into your office. Raise your issue with your boss if you feel yourself and your team could benefit from proper seating in the workplace.

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Take Regular Breaks

Keep your mind feeling refreshed by taking regular breaks to get up from a sitting position to move your limbs are stretch. Ensure that you’re moving around during your short interval, so as to stimulate blood flow to your brain and help you to feel energized. Take regular breaks to walk to the water fountain and have a glass of water. If you want to make these trips guilt free also, try taking your own water bottle to work, preferably a metal or a glass one, as avoiding using the plastic cups provided. You can visit myfitnesshub.com for the best water bottle list, each kind has its own unique features like the Hydro Flask water bottle which can keep your cold water cool for 24 hours. Regular breaks also help to give your brain a much needed, albeit momentary, rest from concentration and focus.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Keep your brain and body hydrated by drinking at least two liters of water a day. This should exclude the fluids you drink in the form of caffeinated teas, coffees, and fruit juices. Drinking water improves concentration and focus levels, so it makes sense to get sipping. If you’re not keen on the taste of water, then you can easily add some slices of citrus fruit or berries into your bottle. Consider having a glass of water before you consume each meal, so that drinking water becomes a habit and you’re starting to increase how much you drink in due course. If you have a physical job as a laborer, then it’s especially important that you drink water to replace the fluids you lose through perspiration.

Eat Well

Stay healthy and alert at work by, firstly, avoiding the mid-afternoon sugar slump. Ensure that you’re able to keep your blood sugar levels stable for snacking on foods such as nuts and seeds, vegetable sticks and hummus. Sugary foods like crisps, chocolate, and cakes will cause your blood sugar to spike, and you will inevitably expect a crash soon after. It’s easy to give in to unhealthy snacks when the staff room is fir to burst with baked goods and such forth. However, try and take a balanced packed lunch that’s high in fiber and protein to work with you. For sugar cravings, try eating some raisins or a small amount of dark chocolate with nuts.

Identify Unsafe Behaviour

In order to stay safe and feel safe in a work environment, you must feel relaxed in the knowledge that risky behavior will not be tolerated. This includes behavior that puts others at risk by playing games, removing chairs and tampering with fridge contents, for example. Bullying in the workplace should not, in any circumstance be ignored. So, in the event of bullying, undermining and general workplace nastiness, the offenders should be sanctioned and dismissed dependent upon the severity of the case.