5 Words Top Executives Use Every Day

Some people seem to know a secret to success that other people don’t. However, anyone can be a great executive! Incorporate these five words into your professional mantras to strengthen your leadership skills.Words Top Excutive Use Everyday

  1. “Focus”

Staying focused is what sets top business leaders apart from the crowd. Knowing where you want to go and how you want to get there helps you stay on track in good times and in bad. Top executives also avoid getting distracted by the hottest new thing and stick to their long-term vision and goals.

Toronto-based executive Mathieu Chantelois says that being “extremely focused” is his best habit. “One of the things I have learned over the years is to keep an eye on the big picture, while making sure each part of this bigger plan is being executed effectively,” he says. “Always keeping in mind the larger goals is a skill that is learned, I think.  However, once you are able to maintain this kind of holistic perspective, it’s invaluable.”

  1. “Help”

 Many entrepreneurs and managers become hesitant to ask for help as their careers progress. Sometimes asking for help comes with the stigma of appearing underqualified. However, it actually will earn you more respect from your employees, as it shows humility and vulnerability. Trusting someone enough to ask them to help you also compliments their skills and knowledge. Top executives know that they can’t be a one-man show and are willing to let others pitch in often.

  1. “Teamwork”

 The best business leaders don’t just hide in their office delegating tasks; they are willing to work side-by-side with their employees, maximizing results by dividing the work according to each person’s strengths. They see a project through from beginning to end. Good leaders also listen to other peoples’ ideas with an open mind.

Rudy Nadilo, President of Dapresy North America, says that “To get the ideas come alive is teamwork. You can’t dictate, rather you have to form consensus, which is tough when fast decisions are required.” Even if it’s not the fastest way, teamwork helps employees at every level do their best.

  1. “Yes”

 It’s easy to get stuck in a rut at work. Each day goes pretty much the same but that keeps your team busy. However, the best executives know that saying “yes” to new and exciting opportunities boosts morale. Playing it safe means employees get bored. They stop offering new ideas and finding creative ways to solve problems. Saying “yes” to something risky or unexpected keeps your workplace fresh and innovative, not to mention that it shows trust in employees’ ideas.

  1. “Thanks”

 Saying a simple “Thank You” to their employees on a regular basis makes good leaders into great ones. Employees are more willing to do work when they feel it’s appreciated. Saying “thanks” also boosts productivity, confidence, and respect, which can totally transform workplace culture.

Psychotherapist and bestselling author Amy Morin notes that, “Thanking people simply because a project is complete or because you feel put on the spot won’t do anyone any good. Gratitude needs to be authentic. So rather than offering a general, ‘Thank you for all your hard work,’ during a meeting, be specific. Say, ‘I’d like to thank Jenny for staying late on Tuesday so we get the photocopier fixed,’ or ‘Thank you Kyle for always getting the room set up for our meetings.’”

Top business leaders don’t depend on luck for their success. They know how to utilize both their own skills and knowledge and those of their team members to achieve the best possible results. Incorporating these words into their daily routine keeps them on track.