5 Simple yet Effective Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Most heads of the families are becoming stressed out when monthly bills arrived. A big chunk of their expenses goes to their energy bills. Indeed, energy costs are major concern for many homeowners. While it may seem difficult, it is possible and simple to cut down on energy expenditures without compromising the quality of comfort you enjoy. And this could be achieved by making your home energy efficient. If you have an energy efficient home, your energy bills could dramatically decrease by simply reducing the amount of energy you waste. Thus, making your home energy efficient is a huge step in saving money each month.

Effective Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

So if you’re interested in learning how to make your home more energy efficient, read the energy saving tips below.

  1. Prevent Heat Loss Through Doors and Windows

The most common escape routes of the heat that your HVAC produce during winter is through your windows and doors. You can prevent this from happening by installing a double or even a triple glazing. This will substantially reduce the heat loss. For your doors, there are cheap and easy to install draught excluders. You can put this under your door to close the gap so you can heat up your place more efficiently.

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  1. Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a device that senses the temperature to automatically control your heating and/or cooling systems. With this device installed in your home, your HVAC system will only heat or cool your place only when needed. It can also determine what time you are gone or asleep and it will automatically turn itself off.

As you may have noticed, you can save money because it will not allow your heating or A/C run if not needed or even if you forgot to turn it off. This may cost more compared to regular thermostat but it will help you lessen your expenditures in the long run. You can always get in touch with a heating and cooling services provider to select the best smart thermostat for your home.

  1. Improve Efficiency in Your Lighting

Of course, the basic way to save energy is to turn the lights off when not in use. But many of us tend to forget this, but don’t worry because there are ways to still be able to achieve efficiency in your lighting bills. New technologies can help us do that. There are switches that automatically turn the lights off when you close the door, or when it senses that no one is around. Moreover, there is also a tool that makes the outdoor lights sense whenever the surrounding is dark enough – it will turn on by itself, and will turn off if it is already bright.

  1. Insulate Heating and Cooling Equipment

The equation you should consider is: heat output should always be greater than heat loss to be able to provide enough warmth to your room. If it is the other way around, your HVAC system will have to work harder thus, spending more energy.

There are several ways to prevent that. First is by improving the insulation of your home by stuffing the cavities of your floors and walls. Doing this reduce air circulation and consequently decrease heat loss through walls. In short, make sure there are no unnecessary gaps in your room to keep warmth inside.

  1. Make Your HVAC Efficient

You can make your HVAC more efficient in heating or cooling your room by properly maintaining it. You should schedule a regular maintenance to keep its optimal performance. Things like changing your filters and cleaning the coils and fan of your a/c. If your unit is old enough and is spending too much energy, isn’t it the perfect time to buy a new one? The latest models of HVAC are commonly more energy efficient than the old ones. It may seem to just be another additional expense but it will actually be able to help you save on energy bills in the long run especially that some HVAC service price list are expensive.

The list above is just some of the simple yet important ways to keep your energy expenses down. But sometimes, we tend to ignore the simplest things that could actually help us achieve our desires. These simplest things include turning off the appliances when not in use and unplugging them. This will let you save even more. Additionally, you can take advantage of the free natural light that can illuminate your home during daytime so you will only use your lights at night. If you seriously observe these steps, you can save as much as 30% of your current energy costs altogether.