5 Questions about Pay Per Call Lead Generation

Pay Per Call lead generation is one of the most profitable kinds of advertising in marketing currently. And as this kind of advertisement is beneficial to both advertisers and publishers and so the beginners who are looking to get started always have some basic queries.

I was recently browsing through some forum and found various basic questions like what is pay per call, how to promote it and many similar questions.Pay-Per-Call-Lead Generation

In this article, we will discuss some basic questions about pay per call lead generation and marketing.

#1 What is pay per call?

pay per call is a form of marketing where the main is to generate some quality lead which converts. There are various ways using which these leads can be generated like using mobile searches, display ads and more.

With mobile searches, it is even more beneficial where the number is being displayed on the ad and user can directly select the click to call and call the business directly.

The call initiated by the user may include the following-

  • Mobile search- As said, the mobile searches are increasing rapidly and people now look for local searches rather than the global. In such a case, pay per call lead generation becomes even more beneficial.
  • Email Marketing- You can send email campaigns where the phone numbers will be mentioned. This can be beneficial if you have some good and active email list. There are many email marketing services which you can use for sending emails.
  • SMS- You can also send a text message which can contain the text message.
  • Display Ads- You can also show display ads with the phone number mentioned on it

#2 How leads are generated?

With pay per call lead gen, the way leads are captured is little different than any other form of advertisement. Here when a user makes a call to the number shared in the ad, it will be considered as a lead. Also, there are multiple other filters added to it to avoid any spamming here. For example, the pay per call network may add filters like minimum duration of calls, some specific keywords, location and much more. These ensure that there are no fake calls being sent to the business.

#3 Who will convert the calls?

Yes, the important question!

Being a publisher, your work is to only send calls to the business. Rest will be done by the business as to how they can convert these inbound calls sent to the IVR.

Usually, these businesses who run the pay per call ads use IVR for auto transferring the calls which optimize the conversion and also ensure better customer benefit. If you are looking for more details on this, you can check any pay per call resources and go through it once. This will help you understand pay per call in a better way.

#4 I have a website; can I promote pay per call offers

Yes, definitely you can promote pay per call offers. For this, all you have to do is, join any pay per call network and start promoting the offers. Even if you don’t have the website, still you can promote the offer by using any one or more of the below mediums-

  • Social media pages and groups
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SMS
  • Email Marketing
  • Forum posting
  • Paid Marketing (PPC) and more


These were some of the very basic questions that I found asked very frequently. If you are a business looking to run pay per ad, it is the right time to get started. Also, if you are a publisher looking for some good revenue of your traffic, do check the offers and select the best as per your traffic.