5 Freelance Job That Might Interest You Can Do While at Home

Everyone has dreams, ambitions as well as careers they want to pursue. Some want to be renowned, prominent and celebrated for the things that they do on a certain field of job. While some others want to work quietly alone while in their pajamas. If you are the latter, then maybe a freelancer job is all you need.Freelance Job from home

Freelance jobs are a way to have work with a sense of “freedom” in mind. And it is in demand in the industry due to its versatility and efficiency in varying jobs. It is also effective for people who want extra income with the available time they have and also great for those who plan to be a full-time freelancer. So if you are looking for a freelance job that suits you, here are five best freelancing jobs you might be interested in while having the comfort of doing it at your home!

Web Developer and a Graphic Designer

Web designers are the masterminds of the websites you constantly view today, and they are vital in improving and as well as innovating new ways to make the user experience better. Common tasks of a web designer are to design, code and modify websites. These jobs are in demand especially in newly formed programming languages like Ruby on Rails, Swift, and Node.js, etc. In demand? Well, an average salary of a web designer is 83,000 US Dollars, which is very plenty for a freelancer. However, the training could be the difficult part here, but it could be easily addressed by taking a web development course, and by focusing on skills and good attributes that are beneficial at work.

Writer and Blogger

Ever been curious about the world around you and want to share the experiences you have? Or do you want to inform people of what they need to know or give essential tips that can help them improve their lives? Then a writer or blogger would be the best freelance work for you.

Freelance writers have a wide range of jobs available with tasks like reviews, journalism and copywriting. The same applies for bloggers in different genres of what they cover, like tourism, or restaurant blogs. But if you opt to do this as your freelance job, you must have some implementing strategies to get maximum visibility and you must be efficient in monitoring your content.

You can find freelance writing jobs at BloggingPro Job Board, FlexJobs, MediaBistro, while Odesk, Elance, and Guru can provide Blogger freelancing jobs. A Blogger can earn a rate 20 to 200 USD and earns up to 19 USD per hour, while a Writer can earn up to 20 to 30 USD per hour.

Social Media Influencer and Manager

Social Media Managers and Influencers have set stages and trends in what society must follow, and through this, they can earn a living. Their job that develops a relevant content topic to reach a certain company’s target customers, and creates content from images or videos in order to promote sales. But before you can be called as a media influencer/manager, you must possess sets of skills in writing, researching, problem-solving, and interpersonal communication.

It is not tough to find a job as a social media influencer/manager. In fact, it is one of the top emerging careers today due to the emergence of different social media platforms. Social media managers earn very nice salaries and are usually quite well-known off, they represent online marketing and communication between end customers as well as organizations. They earn 19 US Dollars per hour, with ranges up to 4 to 50 USD per hour. Fixed price engagements earn up to 20 Dollars to 500 Dollars.

The resources and training you will need here will be aided by websites that give tutorials on starting with social media marketing which includes free and paid courses. Popular websites such as Comply Socially, Udemy, Hootsuite, Lynda, and Allison offer free and paid varieties of courses on social media management. An example of successful advertising in social media is Taco Bell, with its taco emoji engine in 2015 in twitter, which became a hit. There is also Mark Zuckerberg, who exists as a force outside of Facebook. His being outspoken on political issues started an LLC (The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative) with the intent to funnel part of his billions into charity and has even sparked rumors that he’s interested in running for President.

Coaching or Mentoring Business

Coaching and Mentoring is one of the important factors that often get newcomers on a certain field or someone who is starting out to get on their feet to actually start working properly and correctly. They lead those who are starting out in order to become the professional they have always wanted for themselves. In order to become an effective mentor/coach, one must establish goodwill and trust, must be specific on advising, must be able to describe performance rather than criticizing, and must know how to assert feedbacks.

Mentors and coaches serve as “guides” or trusted counselors who advise, support, facilitate, and educate the person with the right skills he or she needs. They can earn up to about 34 US dollars per hour but can earn even more than up to 100 dollars. The time and resources you will be needing here are known in the field of coaching/mentoring.

E-commerce Expert

E-commerce experts or managers oversee a retail company’s online sales and presence. They are responsible for conveying a consistent brand image that attracts customers by encouraging sales on the web. The skills needed to be a proficient e-commerce expert is:

  • Marketing skills
  • Working knowledge of web fundamentals
  • Basic understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and hosting fundamentals
  • Able to work with technologies like PHP, MySQL and jQuery.
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Ability to adapt and learn new and innovative technologies.

As an e-commerce manager, your tasks are to monitor the business’ or company’s website that focuses on buying, trading, selling of products and services to the public or for business purposes. Finding this job is not difficult, and is also a reasonably well-paid job due to it being one of the mainstream career options today, and as ideas develop, so do websites.

An e-commerce manager/expert can earn up to 20 to 200 US dollars as fixed rate and ranges up to 5 to 35 US dollars per hour. Skills can be honed by online websites offering courses, such as Lynda, The Free Micro e-MBA, and Peer to Peer University, which offers videos and tutorials with certifications on E-commerce development.

Many people are leaving their office jobs due to the latest advancements in e-commerce, and have been trying to create their own websites and stores that would have the possible potential for more profit. And if you want to kickstart one, there are different websites that enlist all useful steps and tips available for you to check on.

So did any of the freelance jobs listed above got you interested in freelancing? There are lots of freelancing jobs available and there are plenty of careers waiting, applying the one you like will guarantee satisfaction while earning money at your home. The benefits of working at your home are that you can feel confident and comfortable while doing your work because you are doing it in your most comfortable haven on earth. At the same time, you are earning while still be able to take care of loved ones. And if you are looking for more, a sea of articles brimming with possible freelance jobs awaiting you is available on the internet.