5 Design Careers That Pay Really Well

Design, whether working under a company or in self employment, is a truly rewarding career. In addition to getting countless job opportunities and good pay, a career in design can also provide you with the satisfaction of a job well done. This article highlights five design jobs that are both rewarding and pay well.Design Careers That Pay Really Well

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are professionals who help brands with visual story telling. They make use of computer software to come up with images that educate and inform the audience. Businesses use graphic designers in marketing, product launches, the presentation of complex data and entertainment. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, you don’t need to be good at drawing to be a graphic designer. This is because most design work is done using digital tools.

Fashion Design

Since people wear clothes every day, fashion is another design career than never goes out of demand. The key roles of a fashion designer include making sketches for clothing and selecting the right materials for the design. The fashion industry is broad, covering children, teens, males, females, workout gear, innerwear and special occasion clothing. To be successful in fashion design, you have to be willing to study fashion trends, make predictions and come up with unique sketches for your target market.

Web Design

With many consumers using the internet to search for products, information, services and reviews, businesses are working hard to establish a solid online presence. An online presence is achieved by having a website, social media profiles, directory listings and by other things such as participating in forums. Web designers work with individuals and business owners to come up with functional, responsive and easy to use websites. They also help with search engine optimization, website rankings, branding and updating the site as the needs of the company change.

Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphics are used to tell a story that images and text can’t. Animated graphics have a visual aspect that delivers the message more effectively and does a better job of drawing the attention of the viewer. Motion graphic designers work with companies and television studios to produce video clips. To become a motion graphic designer, you will have to familiarize yourself with both graphic design and animation.

Interior Design

Interior design work basically involves working on the interior of a building to boost its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Since interior design extends beyond decor, a college degree may be essential for a successful career. Some of the subjects interior designers learn in college include building codes, computer aided drawing and integrity of buildings. As an interior designer, you can work in both commercial and residential establishments or specialize in one.

Therefore, if you are looking for self employment opportunities or a part time job for extra income, consider the countless opportunities in the design industry. Most of them don’t require a college degree and thus you can get started with the free online resources or an online course from the experts. Use sites such as Designsauthority.Com to understand the different design opportunities and choose one that suits you best.