4 Tips for finding Rental Accommodation Using Housing.com

The rental market is the biggest market when it comes to property related transactions. A much larger number of people opt for rental properties than those for purchase. As a result, a number of categories have emerged in rental properties as well. This is the reason why housing.com has created different sections for search of different kinds of rental properties. If someone is looking for apartments, then he/she would have to click on ‘Rent’. In case the end user is looking for smaller and more economical options, then ‘PG & Hostel’ accommodations are the key. Housing will soon add another category called ‘Service Apartments’ to the list.finding Rental Accommodation

If you are looking for rented house in Bangalore, Mumbai or other cities, then the following tips would help you find the most appropriate house using housing.com.

1. Decide whether you want a room or an apartment

The first decision to be made is whether you are looking for a room or an apartment. The budget would be a probable decision maker. However in case the budget is not a constraint, then your needs matter would come into picture. For example, if you just need a place to crash after work and relax during weekends; without bothering to cook yourself, then perhaps a PG accommodation would help. However if you are not a young Turk but a seasoned professional, then an apartment would suit you more.

Having decided on the housing need, you can visit the portal to find PGs or rental apartments in India.

2. Check the demand trends of rental apartments/rooms

Another tip that would help you decide where to seek the rental accommodation is to visit the DSL page. This page allows you to find the demand trends of rental properties in the prime territories across the country. You can find out the prevailing rental costs locality wise; you can find out about the demand in different localities of a city; you can find out about the availability of apartments in localities and the corresponding demand as well. Such information helps save time and quickly decide on localities where you would want to look for rental accommodations.

3. Explore the neighbourhood

When you find a flat for rent using housing.com, you also have the option to explore the locality using its map feature. This is not a mere assessment of the locality on the map. Housing.com allows you to find parks, restaurants, banks, hospitals, schools and all the things that matter to you when you live in the city. The map feature allows finding the distance of these amenities from the house that you feel is good for you.

This is how you are able to find out about the locality without having to visit the site.

4. Shortlist Properties for Later comparison

You do not have to select the first property that seems good enough for you. Housing.com receives hundreds of listings daily and hence the options are available aplenty. You can “shortlist” a property you like and then keep on exploring. All properties you shortlist can later be compared and that would help you zero in on the rental property of your choice.

In Conclusion

Housing.com offers so much information related to each property that an end user may not even have to visit the site before finalizing it. All the features offered on the portal help in finding reliable listings.