4 of the Most Successful People in Business

successful people in businessYou’ve heard of the successes of the Gates and Walton families countless times, but there are numerous other highly successful people in business that are worth looking at for inspiration. Check out these four extremely successful business professionals.

Laurene Powell Jobs

While 50-year-old Laurene Powell Jobs’ success is often overshadowed by her late husband Steve Jobs’ achievements in the software company Apple, her $11.7 billion net worth comes in part from her own business successes. As the founder and chair of Emerson Collective, Powell Jobs and her organization advocate for immigration and education reform along with other social issues that need addressing. She also cofounded and sits as chair on the college completion program College Track and sits on the Stanford University’s Board of Trustees. She holds an MBA from Stanford.

Julian Robertson

Julian Robertson is a self-made billionaire estimated to be worth $3.1 billion. He earned most of his money from investing, with a portfolio estimated to be worth over $650 million. However, he has been quite generous with his money, establishing the Robertson Foundation in 1996, which offers aid in medical research, spirituality, the environment, and education.

He also donated $24 million to the University of North Carolina and Duke University through the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, which also provides scholarships to students at these universities who show significant leadership skills. In 2010, he joined with billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to pledge an amount of their assets to charity.

Mark Weinberger

Mark Weinberger E and Y global chairman and CEO has a long history of working in business and has held several high positions aside from CEO of Ernest and Young. He began working for the professional service organization in 1987, but climbed the ladder after serving as the company’s Global Tax Leader.

However, his successes don’t only lie in this company. He’s also worked in politics on the US Social Security Administration Advisory Board under President Clinton and became the Treasurer’s Assistant Secretary in the George W. Bush Administration. Other positions include working as Tax Counsel for Senator John C. Danforth and Chief of Staff for the 1994 Entitlement and Tax Reform Committee. He even received the Achievement Award by the Anti-Defamation League in 2012.

Paul Allen

When people think of Microsoft, Bill Gates is likely the first person that comes to mind, but Paul Allen also played a huge role in the company as a co-founder. The self-made billionaire is estimated to be worth $15.8 billion and has contributed $300 million to his Allen Foundation for Brain Science. Along with this institute, he established the Allen Institute for Artificial and founded Vulcan Inc.

He also owns the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers and has donated a considerable amount of money to education. Furthermore, he has an extensive investment portfolio that has contributed significantly to his business success and net worth.

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