4 Industries Which Offer Big Salaries

Although a million songs and famous films have rightfully concluded that money can’t bring you happiness, it can certainly help you out if you’re already happy to begin with.  Ultimately money isn’t something which should be your driving force. However, it can be used as a tool to navigate the world a whole lot more comfortably than you would without it.Industries Which Offer Big Salaries

If you’re someone who’s looking to get into an industry which offers big bucks, look no further than some of these careers to get into.

Oil Industry

Although a lot of people are born into the oil industry by their wealthy parents who were already well established in the oil world, it’s certainly not the only way to break into it.

Ultimately the more knowledgeable and educated you are on the industry and what materials are involved with processing oil, the more qualified you’ll be to make the maximum salary within the jobs available.

However, if you didn’t go to college and don’t plan on it, you can also make your way in the old fashioned way, by working from the ground up.  Getting a job on a rigger, for example, may eventually lead to being promoted to drilling, and then hopefully progressively promoted from there.

It’s not uncommon to promote from within in the oil business, so if you stay motivated, then you can make it far over time.

Medical Industry

Working as a medical specialist usually requires a considerable amount of education.  Since people are putting their lives in your hands, it’s essential to be an expert in your field.

On average the medical industry pays at least $200,000 a year ranging to close to as much as $500,000 depending on your specific area of specialty.

Entertainment Industry

It’s no big secret that people in the entertainment industry drive fancy cars and get rides in private jets to the best parties and vacation destinations in the world.   Although it’s an incredibly competitive industry to get into, if you make it, you make it big.

The industry isn’t limited to talent only.  There are plenty of chances for big money behind the scenes from cinematography, to directing, to editing.  It’s worth seeing what your particular passion might be in the entertainment world.  You may just find yourself a millionaire.

Technology Industry

Some of the wealthiest people on the planet were once geeks who no one thought would be as big as they are now.  Bill Gates is only one of the many technology wizards who took the world by storm with new ideas and generated millions and millions and in some cases billions through the tech industry.

Whether you’re someone who’s into programming or you prefer the conceptual side, there are plenty of jobs in the technology world that are willing to pay big money.