4 Bright New Trends in AV Event Technology

Any event can be enhanced through the use of AV technology. Whether you are planning something big or small, for business or entertainment, the appropriate use of audio visual technology can enhance your event tremendously, and improve the experience for everyone. AV technology changes rapidly, so there is a big chance that the tech you chose for your event last year will now have been upgraded to something better. Here are some of the AV ideas to watch out for when you are planning your next event.New Trends in AV Event Technology

  1. Different Versions of Reality

You now have the choice between virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality to put a modern spin on your event technology. Virtual reality has been around for a while and it is still largely an individual experience, since the person entering into the virtual reality world does so alone through a headset. Newer virtual reality experiences can be shared, with a number of different attendees experiencing the same altered reality. A mix of augmented reality and virtual reality is a good setup for making technology the star of your event, or a particular aspect of it.


  1. Technology-Led Installations

Graphics on screen are not a modern invention but graphics on a shaped or curved screen, or on a touchscreen that allows for interaction, are. New technology in screens allows you to create impressive installations that work with technology to provide a unique user experience. Nowadays, Av Company Av Companies work with increasingly complex and inventive screen technology to provide an enhanced user experience.


  1. Biometric Sensors

Sensors provide direct feedback based on human actions, for example facial movements or touch. These biometrics can be used to measure the human experience of the event, recording whether people are enjoying something, whether they are bored or whether they are interacting enthusiastically, and whether they are taking full part in the experience.

  1. Smart Spaces

The use of app-driven technology to control the overall event space is something that helps create individual experiences and events that suit individual needs. Smart spaces can be controlled by a smartphone app, with all manner of aspects altered to improve visitor experience from lighting to sound, images to heat. These spaces can also record where visitors when and how long they spend in particular places. This is useful as a monitoring tool for subsequent events and planning.


Image: Image courtesy of basketman/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net