4 Apartment Upgrades Tenants Want

When you purchase an apartment property, one of your top priorities becomes your tenants. You want to do more than just attract good tenants. You want to keep them. Great entrepreneurs like Steven Taylor know how to make tenants happy. One way to achieve this goal is to make some indoor and outdoor updates. Here are four apartment upgrades that tenants are looking for.Apartment Upgrades Tenants Want

A Modern Kitchen

Just like homebuyers, renters pay close attention to the kitchen. Consider replacing old appliances with new, stainless-steel ones. Energy-efficient appliances can also be quite attractive. If you don’t want to completely redo the cabinets, replace the doors and add new hardware. You may also want to consider replacing the fixtures. With the help of Mark’s Appliance Company, you can repair any of your home appliances easily.

Better Lighting

Lights are important for more than just visibility. They can also help to set the mood. The right lighting can make a major difference. Try to add more than one light source even though it is a studio apartment. Consider adding task lights, such as lights under the cabinets or integrated lighting for the bathroom vanity.

Fixed Flooring

As a Landlord, you have to deal with a lot. A common issue is noise complaints from tenants. Often, an old floor is to blame. You have a few options to consider, such as carpet and hardwood. Carpet can help keep things quieter but is more difficult to keep clean. Hardwood is easier to maintain but can be expensive. Laminate offers an alternative to traditional hardwood. Think about the pros and cons of each when deciding what type of flooring to put in your units.

Green Features

More people are becoming environmentally conscious. They want features in their homes that help to reduce their carbon footprint. You can help to set your property apart by adding green features such as energy-efficient appliances, non-toxic materials for building and renovating, gardening spaces for tenants, and solar panels.

When thinking about upgrades for your property, think like your tenants. What features would attract renters? What would help to keep them happy? In many cases, tenants are willing to pay more to get the features that they want.