3 Ways You Shouldn’t Spend Money Online

The internet is a hole that people throw money into without second thought. There is an amazing amount of trust from a buyer that whoever they’ve purchased from is going to deliver on their promise. Of course, there are rules at bay that make it so that scamming people out of their money is legal and punishable by law, but people still do it, and many do it for a long time without getting caught.ways you should not spend money online

No matter what you’re doing in life, there are going to be threats to your safety, your finances, your life, and a host of other things. It’s up to you to be your own protector in these situations, because, in the end, nobody else can watch your back when they’re too busy protecting their own. If you want to keep yourself safer in different regards of your life, start with your finances. Here are 3 ways you shouldn’t spend money online:

Unsecured Websites

Any business that is serious about the safety of their customers is going to take proper precautions to ensure that their operation is run like a tight ship. One facet of this is their website. If it’s cluttered and messy, the cart is hard to find, and you don’t see an SSL security stamp on the website, you’ll probably want to steer clear of purchasing from that host. Internet commerce is the way business is run today, and a business that doesn’t have their blog or website in order has their priorities out of whack. You’ll be better off spending your money elsewhere.

With Your Debit Card

Maybe you’ve had a habit of making purchases online with your debit card before now, but now is the time that you need it stop. Not only is it unsafe for you, it’s stupid. Your debit card is a direct line to your bank, your money, and your information. If you’re going to spend money online, do so through a credit card that you carefully monitor and make the payments on. This way, if somebody hacks your card and makes a bunch of purchases on your card, it’s not your money or information that’s being compromised, it’s your credit card company’s money.

On Cheap Things From China

The issue on trade and commerce with China is a touchy one. Companies use their manufacturing because it’s cheap, but in the end, a cheap price tag comes with a cheap product. If you’re going to spend money online, seek out quality, American made items from small businesses in your country. You’ll benefit your direct economy this way, and even though you might be paying a higher tag price, your item will last longer and will uphold the very values you stand up as a resident of your country.