3 Ways to Save Money By Taking Advantage of DIY

There’s always a sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something on your own that is both useful and beautiful. This feeling is a big reason why so many people take on DIY projects. But another big perk of DIY projects is the chance to save yourself some money. While not all DIY projects will also be money savers, picking the right things to do on your own can save you quite a pretty penny. To help you make this distinction, here are three ways you can start saving money by taking advantage of DIY projects.save money

DIY Home Upgrades

While a lot of home upgrades are seen as merely cosmetic, there are many upgrades that also have a cost-saving benefit. Although these upgrades do require some money to be spent out of pocket, the money you can reap from making these upgrades—whether it’s lowering your monthly bills or adding value to your home—makes these projects worth it. Add on top the money you save by not hiring outside help and you’ve got a recipe for success.

According to John Riha, a contributor to HouseLogic.com, some of the best home improvement projects to take on yourself are installing a new front door, replacing windows, putting in new flooring, and upgrading your insulation. Because none of these projects require you to work with plumbing or electrical, there’s no worry about harming yourself by doing these jobs without outside help.

Make Your Own Household Items

Another area in which you can save yourself some money is by making your own household items or products that you use very frequently. Although making these purchases at the store may be more convenient, the amount that you have to purchase just might make creating your own at home a much more cost effective option.

Rebecca Carter, a contributor to QuickenLoans.com, shares that the best household items to make on your own include disinfectant, window cleaner, laundry soap, toothpaste and more. And the great thing about making these products is that most of the homemade ingredients are things you already have at home, saving you even more money by avoiding additional purchases.

Eliminate Paper Products

Although this doesn’t have to necessarily be a DIY project, eliminating your use of paper products is an awesome way to save money and help the environment. Nina Nelson, a contributor to DIYNatural.com, writes that by switching from things like paper napkins to cloth napkins, you can save yourself a lot of money when you visit the store. You can also get some fabric to make items like this yourself, adding some individuality to your linens as well.

By targeting items that you buy frequently and devising a plan for minimizing that cost by creating DIY projects, you can save yourself a lot of money over the course of a year. Use the tips mentioned above to see the savings reflected in your bank account today.