3 Ways to Protect Your Money When Going Through Addiction Recovery

If you’re recently going through recovery from an addiction, you may be concerned with how well you’ll function once you’re completely out on your own. While it may have been nice to be in a recovery facility where your routines were planned out and you had few worries in your daily life, being back in society can present some real challenges, especially when it comes to your finances. So to help you maintain control over your life and take back your responsibility, here are three ways you can protect your money when you’re going through addiction recovery.Protect Your Money

 Join A Support Group

Once you get out of treatment, the first thing you should do is join a support group. Addiction.com shares that while a support group won’t be able to offer you direct financial help, just knowing that you have people who will listen to you and your struggles and strive to help you stay on the right path can help you make better financial decisions for yourself. This can make it much easier for you to cope with financial issues that may arise and help give you some perspective and how to best manage what you’re currently dealing with. 

Get In Touch With A Financial Advisor

After finding a support group, the next thing you should do is try to meet with a financial advisor. Because your financial situation is likely very complicated and quite different from those of your family or friends, being able to talk to someone who has experience with all types of financial issues will be very beneficial. According to Recovery.org, a financial advisor can help see where you are and help get you to where you want to be. He or she will be able to help you devise plans for both your short-term and long-term financial goals and can help you make the baby steps to help you reach those goals.

 Use Cash Only

As part of your financial plan, you should only use cash rather than debit or credit cards so that you aren’t tempted to spend more than you should on things. According to Andy Macia, a contributor to The Mighty, people who’ve previously had a hard time spending their money on the right things, like those who are recovering from addiction, often find it easier to make smart financial decisions when they use cash, since they only have a finite amount on them at any given time. So until you feel like you have the necessary self-control, consider only using cash rather than cards.

If you have just come out of addiction recovery and want to begin making better financial decisions for yourself and your future, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you better protect your money now than ever before.