3 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient?

In 2022 a growing proportion of the global population is becoming increasingly environmentally aware. The fact is that people are entering an era of humanity where climate change and the threats posed by global warming are becoming evident. This summer has been one of the hottest on record, and even in colder countries like the UK, temperatures reached and exceeded forty degrees Celsius for the first time in recorded history. According to leading scientists, these record-breaking temperatures are almost certainly the result of climate change.Make Home More Energy Efficient

Today, people are also living in a time when energy bills are rising dramatically and fuelling a cost-of-living crisis in many countries around the world. As a result of these factors, many homeowners are starting to make significant upgrades to their properties so that they become more energy efficient. This is clearly good for the environment as it will help to reduce reliance on fossil fuels – but it is also good for people’s pockets in the form of slashed energy bills. With this in mind, the following article explains three ways people can make their homes more energy efficient.

Install LED bulbs around the house

It is a fact that modern LED lightbulbs are far more energy efficient than old-style filament bulbs. In addition, they tend to have longer lifespans, which makes them a smarter choice over the long term.

Most high-quality LED bulbs, such as those found at stores like powerpointelectrics.co.uk, can be expected to last for approximately ten years before needing to be replaced, which is far greater than the year of use that incandescent bulbs typically provide.

Whilst incandescent bulbs give off a large proportion of their energy as heat rather than light, LED lights typically give 95% of their energy as light and only 5% as heat. In short, by installing energy-efficient LED bulbs, you will help lower your energy bills, and you will need to replace them far less often.

Consider solar panels

By installing solar panels, you will be helping the environment as well as your finances. By converting the sun’s energy into electricity, homeowners can cut a significant proportion of their conventional energy requirements. In the warmer months, this can power many home appliances and lead to considerably lower energy bills.

In addition, if you find that your solar panels produce more energy than is required for your home, there is the option to sell the excess power back to the national grid, thereby generating an income from this energy. Modern solar panels are energy efficient and relatively easy to install, making them the ideal choice for the environmentally aware homeowner.

Insulation is key

As a final point, it is worth considering your home’s current levels of insulation in its overall energy efficiency. With modern cavity wall insulation and a fully insulated attic, your home will trap heat far more effectively. As you heat your home in the colder winter months, less energy is lost through your roof or walls, reducing your energy needs.

Consider upgrading your windows too. Modern double-glazed windows are a perfect option to be more energy efficient, typically reducing heat lost by 30% when compared to traditional single-glazed windows.