3 Tips for Caring For Your Expensive Jewelry

Because jewelry can be expensive, you most likely want to take good care of this investment so that it will last for generations and generations after you’ve worn it. However, if you’re not careful about the way you treat your jewelry, you may end up ruining this beautiful piece without even really thinking about it. So to ensure that you don’t waste your precious money on something that won’t stand the test of time, here are three tips for caring for your expensive pieces of jewelry.Caring For Your Expensive Jewelry

Put On Jewelry Last of All

While you may be excited about putting on your favorite piece of jewelry to match your outfit for the day, it’s important for the integrity of your piece that you only put your jewelry on once you’ve completed all the other steps for getting ready. The International Gemological Institute shares that lotion, makeup, hairspray, and perfume can be very harmful to the elements that make up your expensive jewelry. If you expose your piece to these items, over time, they can eat away at the beauty of your jewelry and ruin its allure. So to best protect your jewelry, only put it on after you’ve used all the other products you’ll need for the day.

Keep Jewels Away From Light and Heat

Along with the chemicals and toxins that many people use on a regular basis, it’s also important that you protect your jewels from other hazards, such as excessive light and heat. The Gemological Institute of America shares that certain gems or jewelry materials can be very sensitive to light and heat. When exposed, they can turn color, become much more fragile, or even crack apart. So if you are frequently in the heat or out in the sunlight for extended periods of time, consider taking off your jewelry to extend its life and beauty.

Wipe After Wearing

To keep your jewelry as clean and well maintained as possible, Kat Thomsen, a contributor to Glamour.com, writes that it’s important to wipe your jewelry off after each time you wear it. By doing this, you’ll clean away any residue or oils that you may have inadvertently gotten on your jewelry, which could be harmful in the long run. To most effectively clean your pieces, use a piece of soft, lightly dampened cloth or even a clean tissue. This way of cleaning your jewelry will ensure that you’re able to remove anything that shouldn’t be on your rings, bracelet,s earrings or necklaces.

If you have expensive jewelry that you’ve neglected to take proper care of in the past, use the tips mentioned above to take better care of your current jewelry so that it will last a long time and will be money well spent.