3 Services That Your Insurance May Pay For So You Don’t Have To

Life is expensive and it seems that we are always postponing seeking certain services associated with our health because we are not sure if our insurance company will pay for it.  It may seem surprising, but there are many insurance providers who cover a multitude of services that you may not be aware of so you don’t have to pay for them out of pocket.  Before you start to automatically tell yourself you can’t afford something, check with your insurance company.  Here are 3 such services that your health insurance just may cover.Services That Your Insurance May Pay

Weight Loss

If you are one of the many people who have a problem with losing weight you may be able to be covered through your health insurance to undergo obesity screening and weight loss counseling.  Some insurances through certain workplaces even cover gym memberships (or at least offer a discount to health clubs) to promote preventative health care for their employees. For extreme cases in obesity, some insurance companies even cover weight loss surgery that without insurance can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Family Counseling

Most insurance companies will cover some sort of therapy and even family counseling can be covered by some insurance companies.  Employers are becoming more and more aware at how their employees home life and mental health can directly correlate to their work performance at the office and are choosing health coverage that includes at least partial coverage in counseling services. Oregon State University researchers have even found recently that a healthy sex life at home may even be linked to a boosted job performance for employees which may have many employers looking more and more into covering marriage counseling.


If you or a family member is suffering from addiction and don’t feel like you can afford treatment, you may be surprised that depending on work insurance, many insurance companies will cover or at least partially cover the price of rehab. Many insurances even offer full coverage for 30 day rehab programs.  It is not just drug addiction that insurance covers either.  Those that suffer from gambling addictions, food addictions, and even addictions to online devices can be covered through some health insurances.

So before dismissing seeking any treatment that is even remotely related to your physical or mental health because you deem it as being too expensive and assume it is probably not covered under your insurance, make a phone call with your provider. It never hurts to reach out to your provider and find out what your health insurance covers and start taking all of the health and financial benefits that your insurance coverage provides.