3 proven ways to make your delivery date boost sales in Magento store

Owners of Magento online stores are always in pursuit for usability improvement. The more comfortable a visitor feels choosing items and checking out, the more likely they are to purchase.

boost salesWhen it comes to shipping, the question “When?” is hardly less important than the question “How expensive?” People spend too much time waiting in traffic jams, airport lines or for getting connected to a customer service representative. Your customers would love to feel you treasure their time as well. There is a number of ways to make your Magento store care about your visitors’ time and show this care to customers.

Leave it up to a customer to decide “when”

All major online retailers are too big to cater their buyers with exact date and time of delivery. Using Delivery Date extension you enable your customers to choose the date of delivery that suits them best. You make up a Magento delivery plan stating available dates and hours, and during the checkout process a buyer will only need to pick the option perfect for him. Now, customers will know exactly when to expect the delivery not having to spend the whole day waiting.

Please a customer with the same day delivery option

For some types of products time of delivery comes first. If you sell gifts, flowers, office supplies or automotive parts, get ready for last-minute purchases. In this case a buyer expects to receive an item within hours. With Delivery Date you will keep your visitors aware of the conditions for the next-day, or the same day delivery. And this care will pay you.

Make communication on delivery date clear

Misunderstanding of the date and conditions of delivery may destroy your customers’ loyalty. With the help of a Magento delivery date extension you will make sure a customer is provided with all the information you need to arrange delivery at the right time in the right place. At the same time, customers will get all the delivery details in confirmation emails and invoices.

Shipping is an essential part of online shopping process. If you manage to satisfy customers of your Magento store with price and conditions of delivery, you will be the winner.