3 Handy Tips for Simplifying Your Paperwork

Making money is complicated enough without having to search an entire stack of folders for that one important piece of paper you forgot you needed. If you run your own business, you’ll be familiar with the hectic gymnastics your mind goes through all the time in order to remember every tiny yet vital detail that keeps your hard work from collapsing under its own weight. That’s why all the tricks and tips for simplifying your paperwork and decreasing that intimidating workload are so staggeringly precious. Your sanity will thank you.Tips for Simplify your paper work

Tip One: Delegate

This isn’t to suggest you should shirk all the responsibilities that naturally come with running a business or working with employees. There are better ways of delegating than simply palming off your least favorite tasks onto the poor colleague who can’t say no. Instead of making an unpleasant reputation for yourself, consider delegating the more tedious aspects of your work to online resources that are designed specially to help you. Formatting and filling out every employee pay stub, for example, is a task you needn’t waste your time with when the perfectly capable W2 generator is ready and waiting to assist. All you have to do is enter the relevant details and it’ll happily do the rest, saving you some valuable time to get on with other jobs.

Tip Two: Digitize

Some people are terrified of change. As the world’s technology becomes smarter and more pervasive people seem to grow more and more suspicious of it. What they don’t realize is that this very technology has been designed deliberately to make their lives easier, including yours. Gone are the days when it was expected and reasonable to need huge filing cabinets and an entire forest’s worth of paper just to keep track of your money. Online banking, streamlined email services, and social media – to name only three – are all incredibly simple ways of managing your business and time without distracting you from your real-life goals. Keep in touch with important contacts without having to wait for them to be near the phone. Of course, certain tasks are more enjoyable to complete on paper for aesthetic or relaxation reasons, but spare yourself the tedium and stress of trying to manage an entire business in pen and ink. Take advantage of the perks of living in this technological period and save yourself the trouble of getting papercuts every time you need to take notes in a meeting.


Tip Three: Don’t Procrastinate

Be smart with your laziness. The cleverest way to maximize your free time while saving and making money is to know exactly what you need to do, when it needs to be done by, and making sure you have done it well in advance. Give yourself the luxury of knowing that, although the looming deadline is getting closer and closer, you don’t need to worry. You’ve already taken care of it, and there’s nothing left to do except relax and prepare your mind for the next inevitable challenge. Being prepared means less scraps of disorganized paper and rushed notes that only serve to distract from the real work. Knowing you have already considered everything means your work only takes up the space it needs to, instead of spilling out of drawers and files. You’ll feel better and, in turn, be more successful.