10 Top Tips For Designing An eBook

Since we are now living in a time where everyone is meeting their needs through virtual means, books are the beginning to find their own new form called eBooks. The popularity of eBooks continues to rise every day. This is why many organizations are initiating to consider making the use of eBooks to boost their own businesses. However, making an eBook is not that simple of a task. There are many factors that you must consider while making them. This is why we are here to offer you some of the best top tips when it comes to designing your own eBook.Tips For Designing an ebook

1). Captivating Covers

The first and most important thing about an eBook is the cover. It is like a game-changer in making sure that it grabs the attention of your audience and makes them pick out your eBook over the rest.  Eye-catching does not always mean that you have to add a lot of contents on the cover. Too much can often be overwhelming and not many readers will be encouraged to read that. Google has a variety of options to choose from or you can even find a number of apps such as Pinterest that have many eBook cover design examples.

Go for something simple yet engaging. A single illustration can be more than enough alongside an interesting title. Once you have the cover ready, you can rest assured that more than a few people will at least be willing to check out what the eBook is about.

2). Make Use of Font Style & Sizes

For the quality contents, a Smart eBook writing tools are really necessary in making sure that you meet all the standard rules for design. Making use of the right font style and sizes provided here can help make fonts more organized. You can use bigger fonts for heading, slightly smaller for subheading and the normal sized fonts for the rest of the content. Make sure all the information is being separated into paragraphs and has a sub heading to go along with it as well.

If your eBook is just filled with lines of simple wordings, same size and styles, it will not matter how hard you have worked on writing quality content- it will not yield to the successful results. But it’s not the only thing that will ensure the success of your business, there’re alot more…

3). eBook Thumbnails

eBook thumbnails are just as important as your cover page. It is one of the features people view before considering checking out the entire eBook.

The thumbnail is a smaller version of your eBook so when making your cover page, you should also keep in mind that a smaller version of it should also be able to catch the attention of your audience. Make sure that your thumbnail has enough description on it about your eBook so that it can engage your website user to give the eBook a shot.

4). Incorporate Images

Your readers will easily get bored if they open your eBook and see every single page filled with only words. Some users will even give up midway and not make use of your eBook any more.

In such cases, you can make use of different images to add a little spark to your content. You can make scene breaks by efficiently using images which makes it stand out more. Use higher quality pictures for your eBooks. If you use low quality ones, it can easily show and make your audience view your work as an unprofessional, so it is a good tip to keep in mind.

5). Infographics

Do not underestimate the power of infographics. Like images, they are an effective means to keep your viewers captivated as they go through your eBook. But that is not the only function that they can offer. A majority of people are visual learners. Infographics are a great way to summarize your eBook information and convey it to your readers in a more efficient way. Adobe Spark or Canva also can be some apps that could help you customize your own infographics. They are much easier to understand as they provide that visual element, plus the information, to your viewers who struggle with reading plain text.

6). Colors for Better Precision

Another great way to keep your reader immersed in your eBook is by using some colors to emphasize on important parts of the text. Make sure you are not using a lot of different colors for this idea. Too many colors can easily make your reader confused on what a certain color meant when it is used. Choose around 3 to 4 colors at most. For example, you can use red to point out important information. Blue color to highlight certain quotes. And perhaps yellow for the instructions mentioned.

7). Balanced Color Scheme

Now we know we have emphasized on how important it is to keep your readers focused on your eBook through various eye-catching means. But you should also remember that you do not go overboard with every designing tip mentioned. Most designers end up making such mistakes. Going overboard with colors, images and background designing can make your eBook look over the top and overwhelm your readers. But since the colors are necessary, just keep in mind to balance them out. Although your background takes more space, keeping it simple is good enough. Bright displays and images can often hurt the eyes so soothe the view with less piercing color schemes.

8). Do Not Forget the Back Cover

Most eBook creators do not consider giving importance to back covers since eBooks are seen online. But it does not hurt to give your eBook that extra boost it needs to increase the chances of its sales. Think of making back covers as the last attempt at catching your viewers’ eyes so put in the important details of your eBooks over there. You can add the summary of your eBook, a picture of the writer and a small section for their autobiography. You can also mention the reviews you have gotten for your eBook at the back cover as well.

9). A Unique Touch

Since then eBooks are gaining popularity. Everyone is investing their time and money in them-even companies that offer the same services as you do. However, even if they have the same content as you, what sets you apart from them is the effort you put into designing your eBooks. Do your research first on what kind of displays are more eye-catching and what kind of info graphics are easier to understand etc. The more research you do beforehand, the better you will improve and obtain successive results in your eBook sales.

10). Connect to Social Media

Now the last thing you want to make sure is that your eBook is actually getting some views- and the best way to ensure that is to link your eBook through various social media platforms. Install social media sharing buttons in your eBook so that whoever may be reading it can share it to their peers on different social media forums. You can also use some of the best social media marketing tools to promote your product. This will increase the range and popularity of your eBook in the most quick and efficient manner.


The effort you put in designing your eBook is a direct representation of what your business is like. So follow the tips above, put your creativity to a test and create some of the best designed eBooks that people will be dying to get their hands on.