10 Important Attributes of Pay Per Call Advertising

Pay Per Call advertising is growing rapidly these days due to its unique features which we have discussed many times here as well. As this advertisements are getting momentum and so, many queries in terms of terminologies you will find roaming here and there.Important Attributes of Pay Per Call Advertising

So, we thought to segregate all those here and share some important pay per call related terminologies-

After Hour Message- Let’s say you are off from your work or business hours, your phone can greet your incoming call with some custom and meaningful message rather than simple not available message.

Call Screen- From anywhere, you can log in to your phone and see who all have called you and the other details of the caller. You can also make the setting for the caller to share their name first before proceeding with the name.

Call Queue- Have you heard on the customer line that you are 2nd or 3rd in the line and you will be answered shortly? Yes, these are the features of pay per call queue. You can also make such adjustment and ensure that your customers are not hearing some caller tune. This gives a personalized touch along with the customer will be know how much time it will take for the call to be connected.

Call Transfer- pay per call advertising calls can easily be transferred to another extension if you are managing more than one. Such things can easily be done with the help of IVR. This not only helps with the smooth transition of the calls but also reduces the manual intervention and the chance of human error.

Time Limitation- You can set the minimum and maximum call duration. This helps when you’re dealing with the support calls when sometimes customer become rigid and you don’t have the privilege to disconnect the call.

Charge per call- With pay per call advertising, you can set how much flat amount you are willing to pay for the call. This can vary from $5-$100 depending on your budget and campaign.

Charge per Minute- Instead of flat charge per call you can also set charge per minute. This usually varies from $0.99-$5 per minutes or even more. This is another reason pay per call is called as performance network.

Extend call pricing- You have the option to set a completely new pricing once the inbound call is extending certain minutes. For example, if the certain call is extending let’ say five minutes then you may set a completely different pricing.

Extend A Call- This feature is useful when you have set the maximum call timing for a call. What best you can do is, set the timer and when the maximum duration is about to reach, the caller will be notified and will get an option to extend the call duration.

Hold Music- The caller while waiting for your operator to attend the call, they can listen to some music set by you. So, you can best utilize this duration to let them know about your highlighted features and offerings.


These were 10 important attributes of any pay per call network and advertisements. Along with these, a calling tracking platform like Ringba can do the perfection. You can check Ringba review for more details. There are lots of other attributes as well which makes pay per call advertising even better.