Want To Make Money More Creatively? Here Are Some Tips

Making more with a more creative angle can be fun, and it can make you hate having a job much less. On top of that, many creative job prospects allow you to work from home, or at least work for yourself. That means that you’re making more money for yourself instead of doing all the work and letting someone else pocket most of the earning from your slave labor.make more money

There are tons of different ways to make money more creatively, and you can find tons of articles online that give you tips on how to do this, from doing surveys to selling your own services. Here are some of the more fun and creative things you can do and maybe make a living at.

Become A Writer/Author/Journalist/Blogger

If you like to write or have a knack for the written word, you have a lot of options for making money with creative writing. If you have a book in your heart or a song in your soul you could make money by creating eBooks, or even print books. You could also make money by writing songs and selling them to musicians and singers that will record them.

If you have a blog you could monetize it and make some money doing something you are already doing. If you have a background in writing you could write articles for newspapers or magazines and submit them for consideration.

Create Arts Or Crafts

If you’re a crafty type of person you could start making things and selling them, instead of just doing that sort of thing for holiday gift giving time. There are so many options for making money this way, and not just in what items you create. You can sell from home online through sites like Amazon Handmade and Etsy, or you can do local craft shows, and even sell your items at the farmer’s market in your town.

Hone Your Photography Or Videography Skills

If you’re good with a camera consider becoming a photographer for a living. Do senior photos, kids photos, pet photos, or simply take pictures of nature and have them framed for sale. There are so many options, and you could break into a full-time gig if you have the motivation.

If you like to shoot videos you also have a lot of good money making options, the least of which is creating a viral YouTube video that gets people’s attention.

Be A Planner Or A Designer

If you have a knack for planning fun things you could become a party planner. It’s fun and it allows you to be your own boss. Pick the types of parties you like, whether you want to be a wedding planner or plan children’s birthday parties.

You could also go into business as a web designer. People still need others with talent to design their website, even with easy options like Wix and WordPress. You might just find that people want something unique they just can’t get from those options without a lot of their own training.