Top Ways to Make Money Using Your Blog

top ways to make moneyWith the evolution of the World Wide Web from the early 90’s a lot of structural changes have made the internet a much evolved place. With increasing internet penetration levels across the globe, more and more people are now actively using the web to browse for information and blogging. Blogs which were developed as a platform for people to share their personal opinions have also evolved into a major money making tool with the development of specialized and business blogs. There are a host of money making opportunities available online for bloggers of all kinds. Although there is scattered information available on ways that actually work to monetize a blog successfully, let us take a detailed overview of some of the most highly successful tips to make your blog earn money in an effective and professional manner.

Top Ways to Make Money Using Your Blog

Optimize Blog Name

What’s in a name it’s said, but nothing can be further from the truth when it comes to making a difference between a normal blog and a successful money earning blog. A good blog name not only brings a sense of targeted traffic but also helpful in successful brand building exercise. With most of the good domain names being taken up by a majority of the web population, sometimes holding on to a unique domain name can bring financial gains.

Get Targeted Traffic

A blog is as popular as the amount of traffic it receives. The more traffic and unique hits on the blog, the better the chances of popularity of the blog and money making opportunities. It’s imperative to remember that it always helps to get targeted traffic related to the content of the blog. The use of social media tools like Twitter and Facebook are also useful in developing target traffic to the blog. Traffic generation tools like forum posting and brand building exercises help in bringing targeted traffic that help in monetizing the blog in a far more effective manner.

Use of Contextual Advertising

Coming to the real deal of making money from the blog, the use of contextual advertising like Google’s adsense are by far the most powerful tools to earn successfully from the blog. Contextual advertising tools make sure that the advertisements posted on the blog are related to the content of the blog which increases the chances of visitors clicking on the advertisement. Such contextual advertising platforms operate on cost per click (CPC) methodology. The amount of money that can be earned from such contextual advertising platforms can vary on the number of unique hits and hence all the more importance of increasing viewership.

Monetize using Banner Advertising

Selling banner advertising is one of the best ways to earn money from the blog in an effective manner. The only downside of offering banner advertising space is that unless the blog is very well developed with good content and a lot of traffic, advertisers may not be interested in renting banner advertising space.

Posting Sponsored Reviews

Posting sponsored reviews are good ways of making money online. While not all bloggers may be open to posting paid review of various products but it can be used as a unique way in earning financial gains from the blog.

You can find blogs that accept guest post and then send guest post requests to them and get your/ your client’s posts published.

Use Ads in RSS Feeds

With a lot of users using RSS syndicate feeds to read their favorite websites and blogs, incorporating ad’s in the RSS feeds is a very good option to earn money. Various CPC advertisers like Google and yahoo offer codes that can be added to RSS feeds to enable advertising in the feeds.

Posting Exclusive premier content

For the blogs receiving good unique traffic and posting any subject specific content, posting detailed content for premium or paid users is a top way to make money using your blog.

Accepting Donations

Asking for donations is never a bad thing especially if your blog is offering good content that has been useful for users over a period of time. There are a number of social helpers that will consider donating to your blog in order to motivate future helpful posts and also offer money making enterprise solutions.

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