Top 6 Reasons of Not Making Money with Google Adsense

Not Making Money with Google AdsenseHow much you are making with Google adsense program? If it is less than your expectation, it is the time to have a closer look at your adsense ads. To achieve success and to make more with Google adsense program, you must avoid the following mistakes.

Poor ad placement

It is one most common mistake made by most of the bloggers.A small change in ad placement can make huge difference in your targeted revenue. To get higher CPC and more clicks you should used larger, rectangle ad units in between posts.Vertical banners also work well as a supplement but not as the primary unit.

Target keywords with low CPCs

Another major reason of not making much with google adsense. Try to target keywords that have Adwords CPCs over $1 and this can be checked easily with google adwords tool. Remember higher the CPC,higher paying per click you will get.

Too many ads on single page

Never use too many adsense ads on a single page. It can distracted your visitors too much. By limiting the number of ads to one or two per page, you can get a higher page CTR. So if you want to make more with adsense, don’t put too many ads on single page.

Not playing with Google ads

If you are not making enough with your adsense ad units, then it is the time to change the background color, link color, text color and size of the ad. For example one ad unit with a specific background color and link color can work well on a site and poor in another.This is the reason you do some testing on your ad units for the first few months.

Wrong traffic sources

If majority of your traffic is not coming from search engines like Google then you are not going to make money with Google adsense. So try to get more organic traffic if you want to make more with Google adsense. Search engine traffic generally come to your site through a specific keyword and adesnse program displaying ads related to that keyword. Your visitors find these ads useful and click on them.

Not updating your blog regularly

If you are not updating your blog regularly with fresh and unique content you will not get traffic to your blog.Even you can loose many of your regular readers.If you are making this mistake till now just stop this and try to update your blog regularly.Within few days you can see good increase in your adsense income.

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