Top 5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying A New Computer

buying a new computerNowadays, a computer is the most important and vital machine at our home. It is a general device and can be programmed to perform several arithmetic and logical operations. When computer was invented, it was specially a computing device so the name computer comes from the word compute but nowadays it has a splendid use everywhere and almost in every purpose. Therefore, people buying computers must be very cautious and vigilant, so that it never crashes while at runtime making the user to face great difficulty. Here we are to discuss about some common mistakes people make while buying a new computer.

  • Firstly if buyer wants to purchase a branded computer then he can buy directly from showroom or may buy from computer shops which are trustworthy and reliable to provide genuine parts of the machines and also to provide the total support after the purchase. Many shops sell computers at lower rates but are not at all supportive.  People often hunt to buy a system of less expense and doing so they forget about the quality of the machine they are buying. This is one of the important mistakes which users do and suffer consequences. People must prioritize quality and then the budget. It may happen that his configuration gets lowered.
  • Often people keep on waiting for launching of newer systems but it is absolutely wrong concept to wait. This is because it doesn’t matter how current is the technology, it will get outdated in the future. People must buy the technology or such generation of PC which absolutely functioning great in the present market and whose support is available all the time.
  • Often a problem happens during purchasing of an assembled computer. User takes an unbalanced system like having enough RAM to run you programs smoothly but not enough drive space to store your programs and data or vice versa. It may be also a graphics problem which may not match with the mother board. Many such cases have been noticed and subscribers are complaining. This may be termed as joint mistake of both buyer as well as assembler.
  • Often retailer selling desktops suggesting the buyer to extend the warranty of the system but it can be also termed as a mistake. If the money invested for extending the warranty is saved it can be used for replacement with new parts later.
  • Often buyer gets a problem with software corruption. This usually happens after buying a new system, user installs a pirated copy of O.S. generally windows or usually do not buy an antivirus software. The buyer must remember a virus can destroy the boot sector of the hard disk drive. Therefore, it is very essential to keep the protection on and virus free machine. When he is purchasing a new system, he must buy a system, which is provided with a genuine O.S. CD, and in addition to that, buyer must purchase antivirus software and keep it updated.

These are few mistakes by a buyer during purchasing of a new system that must be kept in attention. Otherwise, you may not only be cheated, but may also be given a computer that does not even match your requirements and choice. Always remember to buy your computer from an authorized dealer only.


Sanjib Saha is an author at Androidfirm. He loves writing posts related to technology and gadgets. Find him on Twitter@sanjibinkiit