Tips To Save Money While Ordering Pizzas from Dominos

tips to save moneyDominos is one of the most popular pizza brands across the world. It is a very reputed company which is known for its fast services of pizza delivery. Renowned for making pizzas with a unique taste and flavours that you will not find in any other pizza brand, which is why many people choose Dominos when they make orders for home or office deliveries. If you are one pizza addict and can’t live a day or two without having a slice, here are some tips with which you can save money while ordering pizza from Dominos.

  • Go online: Now whenever you think of ordering pizzas next, always do visit their website, sign up and place your orders online. Signing up will help you to know all the updates they are making with the menu, prices and latest offers. You will be amongst the first lot to know about the specials with the pizza delivery system and also the new products in the market. They will keep sending you special discount coupons which you can use while ordering pizzas. It is very less known fact that when you order pizzas online on Dominos, you get special discounts on your orders. It is simple and whole lot easier than ordering over phone.
  • Always ask for the deals and combinations: If you know about the latest deals and combos Dominos is offering, you can save a lot on your order by altering items from the list. Like if there is an option to choose between cheese sticks or garlic sticks, always go for that which is priced less, as these are only complimentary items and you main goal is to gobble on that yummy pizza. Similarly you can cut down on beverages and other complementary like a cheese dip, sauces etc. You can actually get another pizza if you cut down on all the complement items!
  • Carefully read the signs: On ordering from Dominos, you’ll hear the person on the other side, telling you about all the deals of the day and specials. Listen that carefully, as it many contain the very cheap combos you’ve been looking for. If they say that an additional charges will be levied for home delivery and there aren’t any if you could pick up from the outlet, go and pick, it might save on you on those additional taxes. You can ask for the daily specials and sales while ordering, many don’t do that and simply order what they like. If you know that your favourite toppings and crusts are in the sale and daily specials and you are getting a discount on them, what’s the harm?
  • Coupons: If you could get hands on Dominos coupons and discount cards, you can save a lot on your orders. Most of the coupons will have offers like; get 2 pieces of chocolate lava crunch cakes, Buy 1 & Get 1 free, free beverages etc. Dominos offers discount coupons on a daily basis, so if you are not aware of it or have the old coupons you can’t get the best deals. The best way to enter a group such as “Frequent Buyers” or “Daily Visitors” that are run by the Dominos administrators. These groups are always in the benefit of getting the latest updates and discount coupons from the administrators. Also, there are coupon websites such as, etc. that has free deals & coupons for Dominos which will enable you to save more.
  • Other measures:  There are also certain situations by which you can save a lot on your orders.  Dominos have a policy to replace cold, inaccurate and late coming pizzas. Sometimes they even refund the money and get you extra pizza free of cost. So if you could complain the managers about any of these conditions, you might get lucky. You can also make a friend, one from behind the counters or the pizza delivery guys or the managers themselves and can avail huge discounts sometimes may be free.  The last move to get the pizzas free, only if you are a die-hard pizza fan is to get a job at the outlet itself. Dominos does have schemes for their employees.

Following these tips you can surely save more than you think. Be confident, with whatever flavours, toppings, complementary you order so that later on you don’t appear foolish when asking for discounts. Read the signs, be specific while ordering, know the clauses you can earn points on, use the discount coupons and codes and don’t forget to enjoy your pizza.