The Real Deal between Surveys and Money

surveys and moneyCan you really make money out of paid surveys?  The prevalence of scammers and the severe testimonies against these services have led many people to believe that there is no money in this endeavour. It’s a lie that nobody should fall for anymore.

But is it?

Despite the pitfalls in the web and the stain that money generating surveys has incurred over the years, it remains a trusted online job that people still resort to for extra income. The true problem that hinders people from the benefits is their inability to determine the correct approach. Many interested participants waltz into their survey-taking career without making precautions beforehand; hence leading them straight to disappointment. The good news is that once you start making the right choices, you can expect money to roll into your bank account and save you from further debts.

Let this article give you a quick trip around the basic knowledge that will assist you in tackling the right road.

Survey Panels Use Different Methods

If you’re having trouble reaching the minimum amount of redeemable points that is prescribed in the panels you joined, perhaps you’ve been neglectful of this important detail. Survey panels sport a variety of methods in distributing points to their members. Taking detours from your usual survey regimen may reward you with additional points that will augment your earning capacity.

  • Focus Groups. Be on the look-out for focus groups as they tend to prize their participants with cash directly after the session. Online focus groups, while they do give higher points, may not pay as quickly as the traditional type. The basic concept behind this is that people convene in a particular website at the same time and enter into a discussion about the product that the surveyor brings up. You can liken the sessions to web conferences because most online focus groups require the use of web cameras during the one or two-hour long session.
  • Referral Program. This is one strategy that we suggest every survey-taker to apply. A referral program is about referring the survey panels to your acquaintances and getting them to join. You are rewarded like a champion for every new member that joins because of your referral. Post the link to your panel in social networking sites and personal emails. This will surely simplify your efforts at building your points.
  • Mystery Shopping. Take note that not every panel offers this option. We suggest that you join companies that provide this kind of opportunity. A good list can be found at Aside from the entertainment it provides, it also pays better than one good survey. The panel gives you a set of guidelines to help you evaluate a certain establishment.

You Cannot Become Rich Overnight!

Before we proceed, we have to emphasize the fact that surveys earnings will never supply you truck loads of money simply for your opinion. Don’t raise your expectations too high or too low; temper your goals to a moderate level so as to encourage efficiency in your work. Free ones that pay money aren’t meant to endow you with effortless livelihood; it’s only supposed to help you reinforce your income.

According to some experiments that have been in this field for more than a year, the most you can make by completing questionnaire is $200. Avoid the misconception that once you land that amount in a certain month, you’ll certainly land it again in the next. Bear in mind that each survey costs differently and you won’t be receiving the same traffic of survey invitations week after week.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to enhance your current standing in paid surveys.

Suggestions to Amplify your Earnings

  • Reconsider the panels you joined. Do all of them benefit you? Survey-takers are prone to entertaining surveys from panels that barely reward them. Assess the progress you’ve made with each panel and drop the ones that offer little profit.
  •  Be selective in the surveys you complete. Aside from the varying costs, not all you qualify to answer will reward you with points. Some are equivalent to gift certificates and sweepstake entries; develop the habit of checking their corresponding reward before you spend time on answering them.
  • Mind the pointing system. This is where majority of participants fall short. You can’t expect to maximize this endeavour without learning their payment processing. Check the pointing system that the company panels employ and see if you’ve been complying with them.