Why Social Media Is Important for Brand Building

brand buildingSocial media has become part of everything now, whether its friend finding or dating. The same way social media has entered the word of business as well. The big three platforms of social media are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There are other social media websites like LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest and Stumbleupon, but compared to the big three these sites are rather small and have fewer members.

Every business now has a social media page. About 75% of the businesses that are using social media to promote their products or businesses have reported that they have received an increased in sales. Just by spending 5 to 6 hours per week on social media can cause an increase in traffic towards your brand and can help in build up reputation for your business.

By showcasing your brand to the world of social media you can create brand awareness amongst people who have no idea that your product or your business even exists. A social media page also makes the customer feel part of your business campaign. When you update your page with a new product, all of your fans or members will see that update. This can help in two ways, firstly you get to advertise your product for free and secondly you can get feedback from the users.

If a person needs some information about your business or product and writes on your social media page, your current or old customer will reply to that person even before you have a chance. Different studies have shown that a person is more likely to purchase from a business that has an active social media fan page then a business that don’t. For a brand or business a social media page can create a loyal and active customer community.

Statistics have shown that if you interact in a social media network even 3 times per week, you can significantly increase your online presence in both the digital market and the traditional market.  By communicating with your clients on you social media page, you can increase the trustworthiness of your business. Your social media page can also work as an online customer service page for free. With the feedback you get on your social media page, you will be able to transform negative customer experience into positive outcome that will further improve your business.

People on social media networks tend to share the things they like on their own pages for their friends to see, so in a way social media page can work as an Affiliate Network Website for you. A social media page and its posts will also be ranked higher in any search engine result; this can boost your business and attract more customers. The best part is with a social media page you get customer service, advertisement, customer feedback and interaction with the customer all at once. You should always have a solid Social Media Marketing Campaigns and who knows may be your next customer comes from your social media page.