Never Tried Image Optimization – Start It Now & Make Money from Visitors

image optimization tipsEnough of regular text optimization has been exploited to make websites visible among the top search engine results. Image optimization to gain visibility among search results is the upcoming trend. Just like the optimization of textual content is done using keywords and relative content, images can be optimized using the same keywords and certain important attributes. Learn in detail how the process can bring more visitors to your website and more cash for your business.

Benefits of Image Optimization

Before getting into details about image optimization, have a look at its advantages:

  • Images promote products and business better than texts
  • Top search engines have dedicated image search options. Moreover, these engines also integrate images in the regular search results.
  • Image based product promotion is free of cost
  • Image optimization is relatively newer trend and experiences less competition.

How to Use Images?

Click good quality images of your products, office premises and business sites. Make sure that the images have right size, resolution and contrast and are easy-to-load. You can use the relevant images on your website and blog and at other places on the web including:

  • Photo sharing sites like Picasa and Flickr
  • Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

In case you are not able to find good images related to your blog post in free photo sharing sites like Picasa or Flickr, you can always opt for sites with royalty free images such as Jupiter images or Photos. Com. By searching online, you are almost bound to find some discount coupons that will save you some cash while you buy images from these sites.

Now coming back to the real image optimization part! An important component of the process is addition of Alt attribute. The attribute allows including a small image description consisting of appropriate keywords so that the search engine spiders can recognize what the image is all about and place it in the relevant search results.

In addition, you need to make the content on the web page containing the image relevant to the description you include in the Alt tag. For example, if the image is about a baby product, the content around the image must talk about the product in one way or the other.

Going further, you can also make use of the following tips for better image optimization:

  • Use a good image file name containing targeted keywords
  • Use the file extensions that are popular with the search engines. Examples include .gif and .jpg
  • Use Title attribute to specify the image description whenever the mouse points on it.
  • Make sure that the image doesn’t have relevant or broken path so that it is accessible to the search engine spiders.

All these arrangements will help your images to appear among the search results of Google and other top search engines. You will find the purpose being fulfilled, as more number of search engine users will click on the images to reach your website and add to your business sales and profits.