Visual Content: Make More Money Online With These Eight Visual Variations

No one should have to tell you that excellent visual representations always go over well in the field of digital marketing.  Visuals are so pivotal, because almost all the information that sticks in the brain comes in the form of visuals. make money online

Compelling visuals on blog posts, advertisements, emails, and social media updates are just a few ways in which businesses have the opportunity to produce great visuals.  For designers preparing to embark on a new content marketing campaign, it pays to understand the most effective methods of visual stimulation online.

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Videos are a great way to show the viewers exactly how your product can help.  A great video campaign will enhance and increase a website’s conversion rates by up to 86 percent.  Sixty-four percent of consumers admitted that they are more likely to purchase something from a website after viewing an intriguing video.


Social media users like and share infographics three times more than any other type of visual content.  A well-designed infographic seamlessly blends data, storytelling, and attractive visuals into one super effective marketing tool.


It has been said a million times, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Pictures that portray intriguing and relevant images bring in almost twice the amount of online views as imageless content.  Photos are the element that catches a reader’s eye first, and draws them to check out what else the link has to offer.


Memes typically bring an element of comedy to the visual aspects of a site.  Quotes and memes make the creators of the content seem more relatable to the audience.  It is also worth being noted that people love to share a funny meme.  Software tools like Canva are great for creating your own unique memes.


The best way to build great instructional content is to incorporate the use of relevant screenshots.  It is very difficult to describe a technical process using only words.  Visual images provide a retrievable reference guide for people as they walk through the process on their own.

Call to action

Web marketers utilize the Call to Action (CTA) to provoke viewers into a marked response.  The best way to incorporate an effective CTA is with clickable social media links in the form of flashy buttons.

Recognizable symbols such as the white f for Facebook with a solid blue backing.  Slogans like, “follow us on social media” and the everpresent “share” button are excellent marketing techniques.


Designing a visually attractive way to get viewers instantly engaged in the form of small quizzes is a great way to come out on top of the industry.  People love feeling smart, so avoid making the questions too complicated.  Focus more on gathering useful information than testing a person’s knowledge.