How to Make a Little Extra Cash With Your Valuables

The bills are due, you need groceries, the kids have a field trip coming up, you still have to catch up on a bet you lost playing billiards with your buddies. On top of everything, your paycheck was short because the weather was bad and you couldn’t work like you needed to.This is the story of millions of families around the world every day. It’s life. That’s just how things go sometimes. So, how do the majority of us deal with it? When there is no other way, we turn to our valuables. The reason they are called valuables is that they are worth money. The money we could use. Below are three things you should pay attention to when you get ready to sale them.Make littele extra cash with your valuables

Check The Functionality

Have you ever ordered something off of a website only to get it home and find out it doesn’t work? Then, you are steeped in the long and arduous process of trying to get a refund on it or get it exchanged.

Often, you find you are stuck with the bill and the broken product. Buyers will need to know your product works. For example, if you decide to sell your luxury watch, you will need to check each part and make sure that it is in working order. Especially parts that are expensive to replace such as the dial.

Dial damage is a sure sign to a buyer that it is not worth their time. If there is anything that needs to be fixed or replaced, you need to determine if what you are asking for the object is going to be worth the money you have to put into repairing it.

Make Sure It Shines

One of the most annoying things in the world is to get something home and find out the previous owners did not bother to clean the object ever, in most cases. The majority of sellers will clean up the outside of a product so that is presentable.

However, a more seasoned buyer will check inside and out. It is these buyers that usually have more money to offer. So, making that set of genuine silver shine or having that custom gaming computer professionally cleaned could be worth extra money to the right buyer.

Besides that, it’s just good manners and a sign of respect to your buyer that you thought enough of them to offer them the best version of the product you could. 

Haggle Well

How often do you visit your local flea market or yard sale? Maybe you should take a few trips and make the effort to observe how buyers and sellers communicate when it comes to the price of something sold. When you decide to sell your valuables, you will indubitably set a price you feel is fair market value.

Your buyer, on the other hand, will have to balance how much he/she desires what you are selling with how much they actually have to spend on it. If your price is higher than they are willing to pay, chances are they will try to bring you down on the price.

With that said, be careful. If you place a price that is too high, the buyer may view haggling as useless and pass up the opportunity altogether. The rules here are pretty simple. You want to aim a little high in the beginning. This will give you room to come down to an acceptable price and as always, don’t get greedy and respect your buyer.

Times get tough sometimes and we have to let go of some of the things we hold dear in order to keep up. Hopefully, these tips will make the journey easier and more profitable.