Learn To Earn While Socializing

make money while socializingToday I am going to write about a website where you can make money by blogging, posting comments, profile comments, uploading photos and videos. The name of the site is Mypage5. MyPage5 is the most financially rewarding social networking site in the world.it pays for each and every activities you do there. The site has more than 40000 members. I have already earned more than $15 from this site within one and half months by sitting daily for 15 minutes.

How Can we make money in mypage5?

Signup bonus-  $5(with a profile photo)
create blog-  $.04
Blog comment- $.01
Upload video- $.02
video comment- $.01
upload photo- $.01
post classified-$.01
profile comment-$.01
photo comment-  $.01
Music band comment-$.01

How do we get paid?
Mypage5 will pay you the money using check and paypal. So no need to worry if your country is not support by PayPal. You can request a cheque.

When do we get paid?
The minimum payout is $15.But the payment is not instant.Payout will be be made within one week after deducting the amount from your account.

How can we make more money with Mypage5?

By referring other members you can earn $1 and 20% from their daily earning. So tell all of your friends about mypage5 to join under you so that you can earn more.

Are there any payment proof?
Lots of payment proofs are there in the site. You can also search Google for some proofs.

Happy earning. Do not forget to share your earning details in mypage.