How to Sell Gold for Cash Online

online gold selling tipsSelling gold is an easy get rich quick scheme that many people are cashing in on. However, one mistake that many are making is that they sell gold online without doing any prior research, and they unknowingly get less cash for gold than they should be getting. Selling gold online is definitely an easy way to make quick cash, but it’s important to know a little bit about the industry before selling your gold, because once you send your gold into a company, you probably won’t be getting it back.

The most popular metals used by the jewelry industry is gold, silver, and platinum. All have their own benefits, but they also have drawbacks. It is important to know that many websites, sellers, and buyers price metals by the Troy Ounce when you sell gold to them, so you should make sure to know the conversion between Troy ounces and grams. This way, if they tell you a price based on Troy ounces, you will know what that amounts to.

Before deciding to sell online, be aware that there are a few places where you can sell gold jewelry, and you’re going to find different results from each one.

There are stores that deal solely with buying and melting down old jewelry. In order to find one you can check your local yellow pages or the internet for jewelers or precious metal wholesalers. You can also ask around at your local jewelry and pawn shops to see if they know of someone who buys gold and precious metals. This method will take some searching, but you will usually find someone in the area willing to buy your gold. It wouldn’t hurt to have weighed your jewelry beforehand, when asking for a quote.

Online buyers will usually be your quickest and most hassle-free way to sell platinum and precious metals. Just request a CashPak, such as that offered by You send them your gold and a filled out form in a fully insured FedEx envelope. The company’s gold assessors will return a check to you within days.

Selling to an online buyer like Captain Cash will probably also earn you the most profit because they have very little overhead to cover. With an online buyer, you can usually expect to receive the most cash possible for your valuables. Just check the site’s ratings before sending them your gold, to ensure that they are reliable.

An easy way to do your price comparisons before choosing a website is to check out sites that publish their cash for gold rates. This allows you to compare the price of gold they offer to other sites or stores. You should also check the price of gold for that day. As easy way to do that is to use a gold reference site, such as

Selling gold online can be fast and easy. All it requires is some prior research and knowledge, to ensure that you get your money’s worth.


This was a guest post by Mark Rich.Mark is a gold expert who recommends selling gold online for high payouts and quick cash.

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