How To Monetize Your Blog

Monetize Your BlogBlogs mean many things to many people. Some enjoy the freedom of expression a blog allows. Getting to voice your opinion with those around you that may share a similar feeling or viewpoint. Expressing your love, hate, admiration, and appreciation for pretty much anything you can think of. Creating a blog or simply commenting on one is a great way to discover and contribute to people, places, and events that you feel passionate about. Nowadays, the joy of blogs extends past mere participation and into the world of business. And blogs are big business in today’s Internet driven society. Bloggers are not just utilizing their skills as content creators for fun anymore, but applying what they love to make themselves six-figure incomes.

The “blogosphere” grows wider everyday as new people see an opportunity to showcase their talents, discuss something they love, and also add or create an income stream they never had before. There are a number of highly successful ways to make money from your blog, and many of them are easier than you think.

Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog


This is usually the first and most obvious way people look to make money from their blog. Ads are often the bread and butter of blogging income. They can be overt, or more subtle so as not annoy your core readers. Ads range from contextual ads like Yahoo! Publisher Network, to RSS ads like CripsAds, and text based ads like Google’s extremely successful and profitable Google AdSenseā„¢ or any other Google Adsense alternatives. As your blog grows in readership, you can begin to sell your own ads.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs offer a great way for bloggers to drop product names while also getting paid for it. The most efficient way to utilize this strategy is to keep the affiliate programs reader-friendly. Offer your readers products that are relevant. Amazon Associates is a great option, while Chitika offers a number of different affiliate programs. Mix and match until you find the right blend without going overboard.


While you may feel uncomfortable asking for money from your readers, there is nothing wrong with wanting compensation for your hard work and contribution. PayPal offers an easy way to add a donation button to your blog.

Paid Content

Offering your readers different items they can purchase that contain useful information, which includes E-books, mini-guides, tutorials, and podcasts is another very useful way to make money with your blog.


As your blog grows and readers become more fond of you as a blogger, take advantage by offering merchandise. CafePress and Printfection are great sites that allow you to design and sell your own products from shirts, mugs, keychains, and bags.

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