How To Easily Make Money From Infobarrel

make money from infobarrelBy now I am sure you have heard about Infobarrel, right? Infobarrel is a site similar to Hubpages that offers the highest revenue sharing program online. The best part about Infobarrel compared to Hubpages is they pay you 75% of your pages Google Adsense earnings.

So, that is one way that you can make money online from Infobarrel, however, there is another way that I want to talk about that many people are unaware of.

One of the things that you will notice when you log onto Infobarrel is they will place Amazon products on their site. This is another great way to make money from Infobarrel. The trick here is to not only use pictures to get people to click over to Amazon but also use links inside your article. The reason this works much better than photo links is because the readers are already reading the text, so when their eyes scan over the top of it they are more likely to click on it.

Now, that is a general understanding of what you will need to do but there is much more to it than that. Most people will tell you that you just need to write a few articles and watch the sales come rolling in but that is not the full truth. There is more to it than that and that is what I want to show you.

How To Make Money From Infobarrel

Write Articles Daily – If you want to make the most money possible, then you must write articles daily. The reason this will help you make more money is because then you can target more long tail keywords as well as promote multiple products on Amazon.

Target Long Tail Keywords – Long tail keywords are the key to making money with Infobarrel and the reason is because they are easier to get organic traffic to. Being that you don’t have a lot of time to build backlinks to your articles, you will be required to target long tail keywords that have little to no competition. For instance, instead of targeting the keyword, “Coffee makers” you can target the keyword, “Large black coffee pot”. Doing this will ensure you get more organic traffic to all of your articles.

Short Articles Are Better – Although, you have been led to believe that long articles are the best, they really are not. The reason short articles are better is because you can write them faster and they don’t give the reader so much information that they don’t click through to Amazon. My advice is to keep you articles between 400-500 words each and place your links in the middle and at the end.

Interlink Your Similar Articles – Something that I do, which works is I interlink all my similar articles together. For example, if I wrote 3 articles on, “Coffee makers” then I would make sure that I linked each of the articles on all posts related to that category. I do this build authority to each page as opposed to only one page. The best part about interlinking your Infobarrel article is that you are not limited to the amount of internal links, only external links.

Making money from Infobarrel is fairly easy to do, however, you have to put in the time and effort first. One of the things that I have seen is the conversion rate on Infobarrel is a bit lower than on most sites. This should not matter a lot if you write a decent amount of articles. In my experience I would get one sale for every 120 visits to my articles. This is why you must target long tail keywords and write articles daily.

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