How to Drive Traffic Using YouTube

driving traffic using youtubeYouTube is a cultural phenomenon; a website that is viewed every single day by tens of millions of different people, all with a direct interest in the video that they have searched for. This means that the opportunity to capitalize on this targeted traffic through YouTube marketing is a very real one that you and your business should be looking into very seriously indeed!

The thing with YouTube is that it is one of the first places that people look when they are trying to find information on any subject, but what happens when they need to find out more than just a video can offer? The answer is simple – they click on the link below the video that they have watched and head to the site of the person who has created it. This obviously helps to solve the number one problem of trying to make money online – how to get visitors to a website in the first place.

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It does throw up a different problem though, which is how to get people to watch your video in the first place, preferably without spending any money on the PPC scheme that YouTube offers. Well, the single most important aspect to creating a video for YouTube is to ensure that it is interesting! How many times have you searched for something on YouTube, only to click away from the first 10 videos because they are, in all honesty, absolute trash. Then you get to the 11th video and, thank goodness, it has the information that you need; you want to be the 11th video. Regardless of whether you appear at the top of the rankings in YouTube or not, you will get views and traffic if you make your video good.

Using keywords intelligently is also a very important way that you can help your video to become more popular. Obviously there will be some keywords that are just way too popular to try ranking for, but if you head for the ones with low competition then you will be able to jump up the list quickly. Make sure that the keywords are in the beginning of the description tab as well for even more benefit!

As can be seen, getting some serious traffic from YouTube shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are prepared to make a great video and spend a small amount of time promoting it. Why use PPC or try to take advantage of the benefits of social media marketing when using YouTube is a much simpler and far more effective way of going about generating traffic? Remember more traffic means more money.
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